Tuesday 29th December

Up early this morning.
Louisa was at the supermarket doors as thy opened.
She stocked up on food and fuel and then returned for breakfast and to load Oliver & Mahalia and their gear.
They left just after 8:30am and headed down to the bay.
Mahalia was really happy to be going, even for just a few days, as it is a year since she has been home.
I left Azzan getting ready to head off to his work, with instructions on what to do with Caspian and the house etc.
I was chasing my tail to get out the door in time to be at work by 9am.
While Mahalia is away I am covering for her.
I spent 3 hours cleaning.
I surely am far to old for this lark!
By the end of it all I was exhausted and very ready to go home.
It was with a certain sense of accomplishment though 😉
It was very hot again.
Caspian was very pleased to see me.
I opened the house up and let the cool breezes waft through.
I really love this house of ours in the summer – it is so easy to keep cool inside.
I had just made my lunch when Azzan arrived back.
He was hot and weary.
I had a list of chores to be done but he needed to crash out and recover first.
But soon after he was invited to join his friends for the afternoon, and as it was the last time before he flies away for 2.5 weeks I let him go.
I spent an hour or so watching a movie in the cool of the lounge.
Then into town for my 4pm appointment at Nelson Beauty Therapy for some maintenance.
Afterwards I walked over to Kuske to get my sunglasses fixed.
They had been knocked out of my hands yesterday and the lens had flown free.
I was upset because they are very expensive prescription glasses which I can’t afford to replace right now.
Anyway, they fixed them easily thankfully.
I have had them for so many years I can’t remember when I got them!
So I am in need of un upgrade as my eyesight has changed a lot since I got them.
I had fun trying on lots of funky frames.
I found one I loved so they have made a note of it and when I am ready to upgrade it will be nice and simple.
My daytime glasses are going to be ready for reassessment mid next year so I suppose I need to be saving towards them too.
Between eyes and teeth life gets rather expensive 😦
I arrived home after 5pm.
Azzan only just beat me back.
He was much later than he was supposed to be so I did milk that fact and got a good amount of chores done while I made dinner 😉
He got the washing in, restocked the firewood and cleaned up the wood pile, then stacked up the cardboard rubbish.
I had a bit of a crash tonight.
All of a sudden just felt really sad and down.
It didn’t last for too long, just enough to be upsetting and make me feel fractious.
It’s crazy how it just hits out of left field when you are least expecting it.

I made a delicious potato cheese bake, mashed carrots and parsnip with crumbed fish.
Azzan was most impressed, he reckoned I had excelled myself tonight!
It was about 8pm when we had dinner.
Then after 9pm we decided to pop down to the supermarket and try and locate a few things for him to take over to Jesika.
Went to both New World & Countdown and managed to get what we needed just before they closed.
Back home after 10pm.
Tomorrow is the last day for me to get him all packed and ready to go and I know it is going to be busy so hence shopping tonight.
Quite nice just having him here on his own.
Had a little bit of mum/son snuggle time while we watched Good Luck Charlie.
We have now finished both Seasons 1 and 2.
Hope Netflix hurries up and gets the next two seasons on soon.

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