Thursday 31st December

The last day of 2015.

A day of mixed emotions.
I woke in a lot of pain.
Last nights bath helped me sleep but the back/hip pain was really bad when I got out of bed.
Lots to do though so I boxed on through gritted teeth.
Woke Azzan and got him up and moving.
He had planned to go to work for a few hours, but on waking decided he really needed to spend time cleaning up around here.
He had begun cleaning my car ages ago, the inside had been done but not the outside.
While I cringed and cried my way into my clothes he went out and soaped and waxed the car.
Only trouble is, he has never done this before and didn’t know how exactly to complete the job so when I left for work the whole exterior was still covered in unpolished smeared dried wax!
I think this might be an educational opportunity for John to teach him on his return from Oz so future cleaning jobs will have a sparkly finish 😉
Azzan was feeling a bit conflicted about going.
I could see that he was going to miss his mates and hopefully me 😉 but he was also excited about going to see his big sister.
Aware of the days timeframes I was getting frustrated because he wasn’t moving along as fast and as organised as I was needing him too.
My extremely high pain levels caused me to lose the plot a tad and I had a really good cry in the kitchen whilst trying to find the right pain killers and anti inflammatories, plus eat some food that I really didn’t feel like, just to get something into my stomach before they hit the bottom.
Finally I left him to it and I drove myself down to work.
I managed to do two hours, the movement actually helped free things up a little bit but I was hobbling around and in obvious pain so they suggested I finish early.
I didn’t argue!
Azzan had walked Caspian and was nearly finished cleaning his room.
I had already packed his suitcase last night as I wanted to ensure all the treats he was taking over to Jesika were safe and secure.
Marah and the wee girls arrived with some friends while I was eating my lunch.
Had to have some more food with the next load of painkillers :-/
It was lovely to see them all.
Eden has a favourite very warm cuddly top which she insisted on wearing today inspire of the extreme heat.
She was all red and sweaty but wouldn’t take it off until she wanted a banana and I bribed it off her in exchange for one – extreme measures got desired results.
After a while the friends took their wee girls off to the park for lunch.
Azzan had taken Eden outside and she was in the pool in a flash.
Perfect day for a splash or two with her uncle 🙂
Time was marching on so I left Marah cooling both girls down and we zoomed off towards the airport.
I stopped for Azzan to run in and say goodbye to John & Sally and then on to the airport.
There was a glitch on the way.
My camera?
Where was it?
Oh he must’ve packed into his luggage he thought.
We had to get there 1.5hours early – 80 minutes for the international and an extra 20 minuntes for the unaccompanied minor details to be sorted.
We opened up his luggage before checking in but there was no camera.
The main purpose of his trip was to do photography sessions with Jesika.
He shares her passion for this activity.
Check out her wonderful photos here on her Jesika B Photography FB page.
One sad boy :-/
So once he was signed in, given his neck tag and Airband we had plenty of time to go have a drink and snack.
His last meal of choice for 2015 in NZ was a steak pie 🙂
I am very impressed with the new system AirNZ has in place for their unaccompanied minors.
Both myself and Jesika were getting text updates each time he was checked though another stage of his journey.
It certainly helped to lessen the stress from both of us.
Although, maybe it didn’t completely remove it from me because finally he asked me not to talk about the trip any more cuz I was stressing him!!
So, change of conversation……………
I was only trying to ensure he kept his belongings safe along the way.
I checked through his backpack to make sure everything was in the right pockets for him to access.
In so doing I felt right down the bottom of the largest pocket, underneath his iPad and jumper and found – ta da!!
A camera!
One happy lad 🙂
Then his flight was called and I embarrassed him totally by insisting on farewell hugs and kisses at the gate – isn’t that what mothers are for??

It was a bit daunting leaving my baby to fly off into the blue yonder.
Left the airport feeling a bit flat and empty.
Stopped off at Leita’s.
Still recovering from the airport coffee so opted for iced water.
We relaxed back in their very comfortable recliners and talked the next hour or so away.
I received a call from an unknown cell phone.
It was Azzan in Auckland whilst in transit calling on the staff phone.
I’ve lost my phone.
Sad boy 😦
Oh well, nothing I can do from here.
Half an hour later I received a text.
From Azzan.
‘I’ve found my phone wrapped up in my passport’!
Happy boy 🙂
Can you see why I have a reason to be concerned 😉

Leita had gotten a large supply of fresh apricots and had kept back 10kgs for me.
When I was driving home I munched my way through quite a few, had juice everywhere!
So delicious.
Caspian was pleased to see me back.
He followed me around for the rest of the day while I stripped my bed, put the washing through, hung out a couple of loads, put out rubbish, etc.
I didn’t get to cook my dinner until after 8pm.
It’s rather nice doing things out in the cool after such hot days.
I fried up some wiener schnitzel, reheated potato cheese bake and cauliflower, and added the freshly cooked beetroot I had done yesterday.
Sat back and watched a movie of my choice.
No one home to argue with tonight!!
I chose ‘The Cinderella Story’ – a nice easy funny chick flick.
When it was half way through I remembered I hadn’t remade my bed.
I had just bought a new duvet cover set and was wanting to put it on and make my room all pretty for the New Year.
But I realised on opening the packet that I had rightly bought a queen size cover for my queen size bed.
However, I had forgotten that I am still using my super king duvet inner that I bought several years ago so the cover is way to small.
Should I exchange the cover for a larger one?
should I buy a queen inner which would fit my bed better?
Well at close to midnight that was not a question answered practically so I shelved it to ponder on tomorrow.
Needless to say, I am absolutely delighted with the set though.
I had found it at Bed Bath & Table while in Auckland with Estelle in October, but as it wasn’t in that sale I left it.
This is a new to NZ store which is only open in a few cities – unfortunately not Nelson as yet.
Then on Boxing Day I remembered it again and hopped online to see if it was perchance listed in the current sale.
It sure was!!
So I called up the Christchurch store and they happily posted the set up to me.
It arrived on New Years Eve – perfect timing 🙂
It is called Botanica and until I get mine set up to view here is what it looks like.
It is so pretty and fresh and the fabric is delicious.
I love it 🙂
I made the mistake of going back to the movie and then finding another to watch.
So I saw the New Year in watching ‘Leap Year‘.
I had seen it before, but loved watching it over again.
My heart was a bit sad and mournful tonight so watching fluffy romantic movies bathed it somewhat.
My Timmy was a romantic at heart.
He was such a country boy, basic, down to earth, what you saw was what you got.
No pretensions at all.
And he loved like that.
From a heart of simple love, simple romantic gestures.
Nothing flowery and grandiose.
He would bring me little rose buds, the first sprigs of daphne.
He cared deeply and protectively.
And he teased mercilessly – with his cheeky grin telling me how much he loved me without any words necessary.
I think I gleaned something of Tim from the character of Declan.

After I went to bed I could hear heaps of fireworks exploding around the neighbourhood.
I stood out on the front deck and watched for a wee while.
Welcome 2016.
I wonder what you have in store for me?
I sure hope it will be better than the past 3 years.
The glimpses through the cracks in the door look rather busy already.
I hope I will have  some time to just ‘be’ this year.
I’m tired.



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