Thursday 21st January

I woke after 7am feeling like I had been hit by a bus :-/
And it wasn’t a hangover – I hadn’t had anything to drink!!
I was absolutely exhausted.
Tried to get some things done but could feel myself about to melt down so flagged it.
Shanni went off for the day.
She has several appointments.
Azzan slept till 10:30am and came out in a dishevelled rush.
He had a date to meet his mates at 11am.
I had made apple, carrot & celery juice so fed him a glass full and insisted on some food entering his mouth before he raced off.
I had a chat with Ursula though the window and then decided to flag trying to do anything.
Crashed out on the sofa and watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl.
Exactly the brainless stuff I cold cope with today.
I was given lots of beautiful flowers yesterday.
Chrissy’s spray was very intriguing.
Have spent today trying to figure out what these all are.
There are some most unusual flowers in here.
Jane & John brought these.
At first I thought they were roses but they’re not.
I have been told the name but have forgotten!!IMG_3448
Leita presented me with a gorgeous spray of Gerbera and then Grace, Sophie & Katherine brought me another pray so I popped them all in together.
They are spectacularly gorgeous – love the colours.IMG_3449
Sally G picked the stunning variegated orange gladioli from her garden.
Amy and Aviah brought a sweet posey of catnip and sweet peas and Andrea gave me the hydrangeas, along with Miso soup!!IMG_3451
Cynthia’s fuchsia is beautiful, can’t wait to plant it in the garden.
Funnily enough it is called Margaret Kendrick.
And it is not named after the lovely MK who both Cynthia &  I remember from our high school days.
A beautiful array of cards and gifts.
I have been totally spoilt – thank you everyone so much.IMG_3452
These are my special orange presents from Eden & Aaliyah.
A container of farm eggs, and container of plums, fresh plum jam, a lovely canvas and cards made especially for Nonna by Eden.
Love them all so much xxxxIMG_3453

I spent the afternoon selling more curricula online.
Good to be moving it on to new homes.

Azzan finally returned home after 6pm.
We had a good chat about life and stuff.
Essential mother son discussions.
All good.
Love my lad 🙂

Shanni arrived back from her Defensive Driving Course around 9pm.
I’m glad this course is nearly finished.
It has exhausted and upset her.
Nice soak in the bath for me and then to bed!

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