Saturday 23rd January

A cruisy start to the day.
Shoshannah gathered up some things and headed off to help Sasha & David get ready for their bbq baby shower.
Azzan was in no hurry to get out of bed.
He had a list of things to do but was planning on getting them done after I left.
I planned to take Caspian with me but as he often does the days, when he knows I am wanting to catch him in the car or for a walk he starts playing silly beggars!!
He turns it into a game, a very frustrating game :-/
He will come just close enough to me that I can’t catch him and then he races away to play.
I have to trick him into being caught – maddening when you are in a hurry.
But Ive learnt now that I have to prepare earlier and definitely don’t allow him to se I am getting frustrated with him.
Finally tricked him into following me into Azzan’s room and secured him!!
I thought I would do a couple of things in town on my way out to Richmond.
I forgot it was Saturday!!
Crazy busy, no parks in town, forget this idea.
Battled the traffic and diverted outa there asap.
Leaving those jobs for another day, I drove straight to Stoke to drop off a box of books I had sold, then out to Richmond.
Shoshannah was preparing food and David was getting the bbq etc ready.
Sasha was doing her prenatal exercises.
I arrived early because I had to leave early.
So chatted with them both and helped where I could.
The day was heating up outside.
People began arriving around midday.
Had to get this line up of three pregnant ladies in varying states of due-ness 🙂IMG_3503
I zipped into the food table a bit early and ate a small plateful of salads as I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to eat again for some time.
By 1pm I was feeling really hot and bothered.
I said my goodbyes and went to pick up Jenni.
The day was unbearably hot – way way too hot for me.
31’C inside the car so I had the air conditioning working flat out.
I left Caspian back at home.
Figured he’d be happier and cooler in his own yard than inside with me at a meeting.
We collected Glynnie as we drove past and were at our work meeting just before 2pm.
I was totally unimpressed at having to miss the baby shower and spend the afternoon at a meeting but it was important so I sucked it up and went.
Unfortunately I was battling my overwhelming ‘sleep through meetings’ issue during the first part of the agenda.
So embarrassing 😦
Anyway, after a break and a cuppa I was all good for the last part.
5pm and we were outa there like scolded dingoes!!
Picked up Caspian and then whizzed back to Richmond.
Dropped off Jenni and returned to David & Sasha’s.
All the guests had gone, they’d been to the river to cool off and were just chilling with Luke & Shoshannah.
Shanni was out cold on the couch.
I sat and chatted for an hour and then headed out country to collect Azzan.
He had been taken out there by his friend
Josh’s mum and had spent a delightful afternoon with Georgia and Danielle.
They were just finishing dinner when I arrived.
The four kids were eating outside on the lawn and were delighted to have Caspian join them.
He loved running about with all the kids.
Garth & Diana were most welcoming and I joined them for dessert – made by Leita – can’t escape your wonderful cooking my friend 😉
We ended up chatting for ages and it was nearly 9pm before I rounded up the boys and puppy and disappeared off down their driveway.
Dropped Josh home on the way.
The temperatures had finally dropped – so much better for my equilibrium.
Azzan had had a wonderful day so he was one happy chappy – went off to bed planning tomorrow’s social events 😉
I got myself some dinner and zoned out with an episode of Gossip Girl before heading to bed.






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