Monday 25th January

Monday morning whirl!
Trying to piece my day together.
My head wouldn’t connect the dots.
After a very sleep deprived night it’s not easy to kick the brain into gear.
It was an incredibly muggy night and I was getting attacked by mosquitos 😦
There appears to be an influx here at present – have heard from others since that they are all over Nelson.
My right hand was really swollen and my arm so itchy plus every time I turned off the light they’d be buzzing in my ear so I was struggling to sleep.

Left the kids to go get some things done.
Was holding the pager today but its been very quiet lately so I was hoping for another unpaged day.
Whizzed over to Tahunanui and picked up a box of diced apples to use as a base in the rowing camp desserts.
Then onto Aunty Doris’s.
Been trying to get over the hill since yesterday!!
It was lovely to spend an hour with her.
I was quite weary and ragged so collapsed into a chair and let her entertain me.
Both of us are facing anniversaries without our main men next month – it’s really hard 😦
Had to prise myself away just before midday as I had an appointment that I hadn’t been able to cancel.
Spent an hour with my therapist.
It was one of those days when I really didn’t want to be there but it was probably good that I was :-/
Afterwards I drove round to Styx to meet up with Estelle & Tracey.
Was feeling really drained so was good to have some friend time.
I had been in such a whirl this morning that I hadn’t had breakfast so was starving.
The fish of the day was Orange Roughy – I hadn’t tried it before.
Normally I avoid fish on the menu.
After a lifetime of enjoying fish so fresh it is almost still kicking when it hits the pan it is hard to eat stale fish from a shop.
But this was so good.
The fish was superb – unfortunately the meal was just way too big so felt a bit bleuch for a while after.
We sat and talked for so long that the waitress was bringing more water to keep us hydrated.
Thank you Estelle for my birthday treat.
It was lovely 🙂

Azzan had walked into town to meet some friends and called me just as I was heading home to see if they could come back home to hang out for a while.
Just a couple of friends he said?
Okay, all cool.
Get back home and find 6 young lads in Azzan’s room with the door shut and no windows open.
I exclaimed that it stunk of boy sweat and they should open some windows.
Jack commented to me with a grin that they were inventing a new deodorant!!
Also think that maybe Azzan needs to concentrate on Math this year because when I was at school a couple always meant 2 😉

I rested on my bedroom chaise for a short time before Martin & Sylvia picked me up for dinner.
They had booked into East Street Cafe at 5pm so we could eat early.
It was good timing as the place was fairly quiet.
We sat out in the courtyard as it was warm and there was some cloud cover – for a while!
Sylvia & I shared a Pear & Elderflower cidar.
It was really good.
Jesika – you would love this one!!
Its a Marlborough Company
Martin ordered a mushroom stack – looks pretty darned impressive!
Sylvia opted for Kissadeer and I went back for the Haloumi trio – again.
Loving J’s mural behind us.
It was a most enjoyable evening.
But the cloud cleared back and the sun was hotter than before even though it was already 6pm.
We were squeezing into the little shade we could find at the back of our table!
We were too full for dessert so decided that it must be time to leave.
Thank you Martin & Sylvia for a lovely dinner – nothing like extending birthday celebrations 🙂

I was really tired and my shoulder was aching quite badly so crashed out on my bed.
Was roused by a voice in the kitchen.
Sue had come to bring me this exquisite lily from her garden.
Thanks Sue it is beautiful, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Sophie was here visiting with Mahalia.
I was feeling so rubbish that I couldn’t move off my bed to take Sophie home so Mahalia walked her part the way.

My body wanted to curl up and sleep but I knew I needed to get out so I convinced my legs to move and went for a walk.
Figured it might help me to sleep better tonight.
Met up with Mahalia on her way home so took Caspian from her and took him for a longer walk around a few blocks.
Beautiful evening.
I had read that tea tree oil is a good mosquito repellent so I opened the bottle to tip some on my arms and didn’t realise till too late that the safety seal had been removed so instead of a few drops, half the jolly bottle tipped all over me.
That should keep more than just mossies away!!!!
Leita called to see how I was and and after a long talk and a lot of tears decided I needed a walk on the beach tomorrow.
On that note I hit my pillow and actually got to sleep.


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