Tuesday 26th January

I woke at 5:43am precisely 😉
Opened Mahalia’s door and she was still in bed, out cold.
I roused her and suggested she may have slept past her alarm.
Told her I’d run her to rowing.
While she got dressed I quickly scrambled up a couple of eggs and cheese and she ate them while I drove her.
We got to the clubrooms at 6am.
Talk about slick time!!

Back home and got myself sorted for the day.
I zipped back and picked her up around 8:30am.
Dropped her home and picked up Azzan.
Then zipped across town to collect Leita from the garage and we drove over the hill to Tahunanui.
Left Azzan at work and parked up at the beach.
I put Caspian on the long 20m lead and off we went.
I went straight into the sea and he followed, a tad gingerly at first but then he decided it was a bit of all right.
It was funny watching him trying to step over the waves.
We walked all the way along the back beach and back again.
It was a good long way.
Easy walking when you have someone to walk with.
And Leita was right – the beach is soothing and grounding.
We came off the beach along the wrong track so had to negotiate through the undergrowth.
Added to the adventure.
We towel dried the pup and then headed back to town.
I dropped Leita back to her car and came back home.
The girls were having a good time together.
Azzan manages to get plenty of social time in.
He finished work and then walked up to Jack’s place.
Got a ride back into town with him and they hung out together for a while.
Andrea called in for a visit and to quench her thirst after a long hot bike ride.
I took Mahalia out to Atawhai to join the rest of the rowers who were doing their swim test in a private pool.
I thought I might go to a movie but when push came to shove I couldn’t actually be bothered.

I had a rest for a while and tiddled around doing stuff here.
Then went next door to visit Ursula for a while.
Tried to help her set up her new printer but it proved too difficult even for me.
Stupid things these new fandangled devices that are supposed to be simple to set up and make our lives easier.
All they do is push or stress buttons!
I’d left me phone behind so Mahalia could make a call.
Later I discovered 183 photos on it of her and Shanni and the puppy!!
Here are the two I saved – the rest have been deleted!!
No wonder they hadn’t managed to achieve a lot while I was gone 😉IMG_3567IMG_3624

Had a long talk with Shanni before bed.
It is good to try and communicate – we don’t do it enough.
Life just gets in the way,
Life is full of frustrations for us both – have to concede that we are more alike than we like to admit 😉

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