Wednesday 27th January

I zipped off just before 9:30am to go have my shoulder x-rayed and ultra sounded.
That all went smoothly.
Lovely to have a Kate doing my scans.
She could see some abnormalities but we will wait and see what the experts read from them.
Hopefully it will help to get the ongoing treatment sorted appropriately.
I had a few other jobs to do so zipped about doing those before heading home.

I was planning to do some school preparation with Azzan but he had jumped the gun and was already in town.
I collected him and we went and got his uniform completed.
Then went to Warehouse Stationery to get his books etc for the new year.
The place was teeming with kids and parents all doing the same thing.
We managed to complete the job with both of us looking for all his requirements.
He was busting to go join his friends so I let him go.
They all came back to the house and socialised for a while before heading off for a photo shoot at the park.
I chilled out and had some lunch while I waited for him to return.
Then at 3pm we headed back into town to get his bank card sorted.
I figure it will be easier for me if he has his own weekly allowance that he can budget.
If he uses it all up in the first two days I guess he will learn for next time 😉
Tracey dropped  in the baking she did for Mahalia’s camp.
It was so good – I had to lock the lids!!
Thanks Tracey – really appreciate your help.
Pat arrived later this arvo to carry on with the boardwalk.
I went to tell Azzan I was going to get groceries and found him absolutely out cold on his bed.
He must’ve been tired because all his bags of school books etc were underneath him.
He was out cold where he had fallen!
Shanni had finished packing up her room and had left to go visit Marah.
Mahalia walked to rowing with Caspian at 3pm and got a ride home.
I did the grocery shopping and fuelled up the car.
Azzan called me in a real daze – he was in a panic because he thought it was morning and he was late for work or school!!
Back home to try and think about packing.
Had dinner and watched some drivel Gossip Girl
Tried to pack but gave up that idea and went to bed.
Morning is a far better time to think about that!

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