Saturday 27th February

It was a bit of an act getting moving this morning.
Both of us were really tired.
But Mahalia was over at the Wairau River taking part in a friendly regatta between Nelson, Blenheim and Marlborough clubs.
She had come over with Leita & Logan so was on the river by 8am.
By the time we arrived she had just won her first race – a double with Sophie.
I sat and watched from the side lines with other parents.
It was easier to photograph the departing antics than the crossing of finish lines due to the distance across the river.
So here are a few of the girls getting the boats into the water throughout the day.IMG_4798IMG_4847IMG_4849IMG_4823IMG_4825IMG_4826IMG_4828IMG_4857IMG_4852IMG_4855
It was all over by mid arvo so Mahalia came home with us.
We went in convey for the first distance as the others wanted to follow me to the gelato shop at The Vines.
Leita & Logan, Sharon, Mark and the girls all stopped with us.
They were very delicious after a long day on the river
Leita & I popped across the road to check put the Pot Shed.
Some really lovely items there.
Must return soon!

We stopped again at Hira to leave Azzan at his friends place for a sleepover.
I went in to meet Janet & Tom – lovely folk, so was happy to leave him there.
Got home and unpacked.
Took off my bandage as my foot was really swollen.
Bruise is covering all the top of the foot.
Marion & Florian have been pottering in the garden whilst I was gone.IMG_4894
My mirror is hung – I wanted it to reflect my lady and it does beautifully.IMG_4896
Getting there – beginning to fill in the spaces.
I think some more mulch will be on order in next few months.IMG_4898IMG_4900

Mahalia wanted to go swimming so we dragged ourselves off to Tahunanui.
I took my togs and went for my first swim of the season.
It was a cooler evening so it took me a while to wade slowly in until I was up too my neck.
I couldn’t go beyond that though because every time I tried to swim my shoulder would scream with pain.
Yes, I have re jarred it in the fall 😦
I was bouncing in the waves on my left foot because each time I used my right one it would tell me loudly it was too sore to do that yet.
I managed to do some back swimming – my shoulder can handle that movement.
We came home wrapped in towels and had a tiki tour around a few streets checking out some houses.
I had a long soak in the bath afterwards – so good.

Thursday 25th February

I was on pager today.
But after a very tearful beginning to my day and a long talk with a friend I agreed to go see the Dr.
Made an appointment for 10:45am.
Contacted work to tell them I would be unavailable for half an hour.
SJ called and told me to take the day off and to look after myself!
Marion took Caspian for a long walk up the Centre of NZ and along the walkway, he was very happy.
They were looking down on us 🙂IMG_4524

I drove to the surgery, hobbled in and saw Dr Jo.
She had a good look and pondered the possibility of a break in the central metatarsals so gave me x-ray forms.
I was so thankful to find a park close to the entrance of the Nelson Radiography.
I’ve been trying to not use the lifts in the seeking of better health and well being but this was not a stair climbing day.
The lady took my forms and informed my that she could give me an appointment at 12:30pm.
I was like ‘Seriously? No way am I going home and coming back in an hour, it’s far too painful!’
So she sent me to sit and wait.
She managed to squeeze me in fairly soon which was great.
The lady was really thorough and I waited a bit longer while she got someone to ready the x-rays before I left.
Then I headed back home to elevate my foot again.
Finally mid arvo I talked to the nurse who was able to tell me that thankfully no bones were broken so now we knew how to treat it.
Instead of a moonboot I could now continue with the RICE treatment.
Only problem was there were no bandages in my first aid box :-/
I went back home to rest up and have lunch.
Glynnie popped in to visit then at 2:30pm I had to zip up the road to pick up some bags of sheep manure.

I popped in to the pharmacy on the way home and got myself a lovely blue bandage and strapped it all up.
The relief was almost immediate.
Managed a quick trip to the supermarket – if hobbling around clinging to the trolley for support can ever be quick!!
Spent the rest of the day resting with my leg elevated.

Caspian and Florian playing chasing around Azzan’s carefully placed after school bike 😉IMG_4525IMG_4522IMG_4523
Azzan headed off to kickboxing soon after 5pm.
Dinner outside again – wonderful balmy evening.
Gorgeous daughter not wanting the photo takenIMG_4512
Gotcha this time 😉IMG_4513
Intensely awesome sky tonightIMG_4514

Wednesday 24th February

Today started with a 9am meeting with my business consultant.
Seb drove out to join us which was great.
He was able to educate Steve in the ways of the mussel industry.
When you have grown up with a fledgling industry like we have you forget how involved it is until you sit back and listen to someone trying to explain to a newbie how it all works.
It is actually quite complex.
Being a primary farming operation there are many foibles to constantly be dealing with which make forecasting quite tricky.
Anyway, it was a good meeting and we all had homework to head off with.

Seb went off to do his town jobs and I popped into talk to my Vodafone man.
He has been investigating our account and sorting out some updates for me.
With so many changes happening it was a good time to get it all sorted.
I had intended to pop back home but while Austin and I were talking Tracy spotted me and came in to say hullo.
So I ended up going to Colombus Cafe with her for a coffee.
It was lovely to stop and catch up.
Realised my parking meter was way over so I shot back to the car and was very thankful to find no tickets gracing my windscreen.
Move the car and had a few minutes up my sleeve to poppy up to find Leita at her new place of employment.
By the time we had played tag between the lift and stairs I only had a short time to visit.
Nice to see where her new daytime home is now.

I was running late for my physio appointment so tore off with only a couple of minutes to get there.
Of course the traffic was mental so I was getting a tad anxious but Susie was running behind time so I still managed to have a minute  or two to catch my breath.
My shoulder has been feeling way better these past couple of days.
It still has the ouch factor when I twist or move it the wrong way but the aching has died down thankfully.
She did some massage and acupuncture and I left feeling really good.

Came back home and rested with a late lunch.
Azzan had a tennis lesson at 4:15-5 pm so he stayed at school and hung out with friends till then.
Mahalia had rowing at 4pm so walked straight from school.
I had organised that Azzan would bike to Countdown and leave his bike there.
I would pick Mahalia up from rowing at 5pm, swing by and collect him and then drove to the beach so he could join his 5:30pm kick boxing class while Mahalia & I took Caspian to the back beach.

So I dutifully arrived at the rowing club just before 5pm.
Had to park back bit by the Boat Club as the closer parks were all full.
Saw some parents chatting by the boat trailer so thought I’d go join them.
They didn’t stay for long so I walked back towards the car with one of them.
As I went to walk past her car which was parked at the entrance I spotted the rowing manager and decided to change tack to go over and talk with her.
The car was on a slightly downhill slope and the towbar was also an a lower angle than if it were normal parked.
I never saw it!
I caught my right foot on it and went flying.
I desperately tried to save myself from falling but went flailing around, fell over the puppy and landed on the pavement in a heap.
My foot was screaming with pain.
I was so embarrassed, all I wanted to do was get outa there.
Sharon helped me up and I hobbled back to my car, ripped off my shoe as my foot had begun swelling already.
It was SO painful I just sat and cried.
Mahalia was late getting out so I was sitting there for probably 15 minutes sobbing with the pain.
Azzan was calling because we were running late.
I managed to drive to get him but the pain was intense.
I had to use my left foot on the brake pedal whenever I was sitting in a traffic queue as I couldn’t handle the pressure on my foot.
I cried the whole way over to the beach, dropped Azzan off and then Mahalia made the call to drove up to Leita & Yuri’s to get some ice on it.
Logan & Yuri were home and got an ice pack sorted for me.
I was glad of my sunnies so they couldn’t see the remains of my tears 😦
Leita was home soon after and found some Arnica cream.
I sat with my foot elevated and iced for about an hour which was really good.
There was a bruise the size of a small egg on the top of my foot by this time.
Mahalia & Logan took Caspian for a walk to the beach to get up Azzan so I didn’t have to drive back down there.

The drive home was really painful, so glad to get back.
I was feeling so bad because I had told Marion I would help her prepare dinner on my return but I was not able to stand for long.
So she and Florian carried on with their preparations and I roped the kids in to help while I kept my foot up.
It was quite late by the time we ate.
I was feeling really miserable & weary but just didn’t want to go to bed yet.
So I sat in the lounge and watched some Gossip Girl with some comfort food and then had a late phone chat with Jesika.
Finally staggered off to bed around midnight.

Tuesday 23rd February

Florian had a work trial today so he was up and gone early.
Marion & I went out for a girls day.
I did a couple of jobs on the way through town and then went to Crusoes.
I wanted to introduce her to Anat.
We had a lovely morning tea there and then popped out to Richmond to visit David & Sasha.
Spent longer there than planed cuz I was helping out a bit.
Nice to spend some time with them 🙂

We got back home around lunch time and just did home stuff here.

Marion & Florian have been busy this evening.
Cat made this driftwood hanging a few years ago and hung it by our spa pool, I’ve always loved it so I brought it to town with me.
The ropes had rotted and were breaking so we replaced them with mussel rope – brings a bit of Port Ligar to town.
Florian repainted the wind vane and put it up.IMG_4503
I love being able to see it from my kitchen window.
It was my present to Tim on his 60th birthday so very sentimental to me.IMG_4505
I realised it was across my boundary fence so called over to Ursula and joshed with her for not asking their permission 😉
She loved it so all’s good!

Marion has been planting today.
This begonia will make my lady look very colourful once it gets established.IMG_4506
Now all I need is to water and have patience as these plants grow to create the garden I am seeing in my mind’s eye.IMG_4510IMG_4509
She has been spreading the sheep manure around the plants today too.IMG_4507

Mahalia had an appointment at Nelson Beauty Therapy so after she got home she and I went to the beach.
It was a beautiful evening with a very low tide.
The evening light on the wet sea bed was beautiful.
Caspian had turned green from the algae on the sand so we washed him in the waves before coming home.IMG_4499

Monday 22nd February

I had a 9am training session with Ross today so headed out to Richmond for a couple of hours.
Got back home around midday.
It was another really hot day.
Marion & Florian were working on visa and job application stuff.

Glinda arrived to spray the ants around 2pm.
Marion walked to the supermarket and dropped Caspian off at Mary-Anne’s for a few hours to keep him away during the spraying.
It is really good to have someone do the job who actually knows what she is doing.
The poison is very expensive so best to use it the right way than be guessing and wasting it.
She had a good talk with my neighbour and found some ant nests under our big tree, it’s good to have us all on deck as the little critters just move next door to find unsprayed areas.
She was able to definitely identify that we do have the Argentine ants here.
They are the most invasive of the ant species and are rapidly infesting the country.

Not a lot of major interest today even though it was really busy with a lot of coming and going.

Random picture for nothing else except it’s loveliness 🙂
I really delight in my front entrance way – the light on the glass is beautiful.
Can’t wait till I have time to empty it of all the boxes and can use it as my front door.

Sunday 21st February

A beautiful Sunday.
Mahalia went to work for the morning.
I was working on a few business emails & phone calls when Renata called to see if I wanted to take Caspian to the beach.
I was out the door within minutes!!
We had a lovely wander.
The dogs raced around exploring and playing with all the other canine critters.IMG_4446IMG_4449
We stopped off at Morri St Cafe on the way home for a coffee.
It was close to 1am before I got back.
Mahalia was home and resting.
Azzan was getting ready to go out but had not done what I had asked so my day took a turn down debating alley!!
Florian gave me a list of hardware that I needed to get so he could fix a few things for me.
I left the kids to do their assigned jobs for the day and headed off to Mitre10 Mega.
I got all the bits and pieces and zipped straight back home.
Florian was busy putting down pavers.
Man! He is onto it!!
I barely have to mention something Id like done and next thing he is on to it.
It is so cool to have a guy round who can do stuff.
I so appreciate him – might have to keep him on full time 😉IMG_4452IMG_4454
An hour later its all done.
Love it!!
As well as that Marion has planted up the other fucshia and Florian has it hanging already.
Super coolness!!IMG_4457

I took the kids to the beach for an evening swim.
The tide was way way out.
The stormy seas had subsided
Perfect for hair flipping 🙂
It was a perfect evening.
I was totally delighted when I looked at these photos on the computer later.
I just pretty much randomly snap them with my iPhone and when I am wearing my sunnies I can’t see much so to capture a scene like this below was amazing!IMG_4464
The water was so warm I was really wishing I had worn my togs.
That means it really was warm as I don’t usually swim unless its tropical!!
I waded in the deeper shallows and the waves kept splashing up and soaking my shorts.IMG_4473
On the way home we called in to see how Georgia had gotten on at her sailing competitions.
She and Yuri had just gotten home and she was busy unpacking.
We were only stopping in for 10mins.
Next thing the kettle was on and I was enjoying a cuppa and chat with Leita and the kids were off with their friends.
An hour or so later we carried on home with Mahalia commenting that ‘we really can’t do just 10 minutes there can we Mum?’ 😉
It was Sunday night so while the children found some food for their dinner I headed out into the garden to do some pruning to fill up the wheelie bin.
The grape vine had been strewn everywhere by the wind last week plus it has grown meters so I cut heaps off it and reinstated it back to where it should be.
Then I attacked the pumpkin patch.
I have two zucchini plants which have been prolific but were getting swamped by the rampant pumpkins.
This one amused me – it was growing vertically.
It’s fascinating to see a small stem supporting such a weight.
I pruned back all the pumpkin tendrils and dying parts and exposed half a dozen lovely large pumpkins.
Looking good for our winter dinners 🙂
I piled everything into the wheelie bin, it was chocker to overflowing.
Love getting it so full – really feels like I get my money’s worth 😉
My arms reacted to the pumpkin foliage and they were so itchy even after washing them over and over.
I found some left over dinner – really hungry by now.
Got the kids off to bed, had a long talk with Mahalia, tucked Azzan in, Marion put the bin out the gate and we all headed to bed.
A satisfyingly productive day 🙂

Saturday 20th February

Mahalia and I were up at 6am.
Azzan was meant to be coming with us but when I woke him he wasn’t feeling great and asked if he could stay back.
Marion & Florian were here so I left him with strict instructions he was not to leave the house section!
Drove to the rowing club at 7am, no extras to pick up so we carried on out to Dovedale to meet up with the others.
Today was scheduled as a compulsory off water training session.
Shovelling sheep manure for a fundraiser!
The kids were initially ecstatic about the idea – Not!
But once there they all pitched in and got some  serious teamwork underway.IMG_4409IMG_4410IMG_4414
The parents were in boots and all too.
I was still nursing my shoulder and not prepared to damage it further by lifting or shovelling, so I was cable tying the bags once full.IMG_4418IMG_4422
They had a chain gang going to load the sacks into the truck.
Logan was chief stacker of bags.
They did really well and within about 2 hours they had filled over 300 sacks.
Well done everyone 🙂IMG_4429
I helped the owners wife get the morning tea underway but buttering and jamming the scones.
She zipped back home to pick up the heated savouries and the kids made short work of them all along with most appreciated ice blocks.IMG_4436
The mandatory team photo before we all left.
Caspian was really good throughout the morning.
I tied him up out of the way and then when Sharon arrived with her girls, her little one Kate found him so they had a great time together.
She took him for walks and got him water and played with him.
Lovely for them both 🙂

There was swimming planned but the storm had left the rivers swollen, brown and dangerously disgusting so that idea was squashed.
The seniors all headed back to unload but the novices had other ideas and we were all soon meeting up at Mapua wharf where they spent the next hour or so jumping off into the very strong current and being swept along to the next ladders.
An endless game to kids with boundless energy levels.
For us parents it was rather hot standing around waiting.
I eventually went over to the shops and had a browse then waited in the shade.
Finally prised Mahalia off the wharf where they were all now sun baking and we headed home.

By the time we got here Azzan was ready to be uncaged and head off to socialise for a while.
I just had to pull him back to get some jobs done that he had omitted to do.
Funny that when you leave a list on the bench in plain view it is not visible to anyone except the list writer even though you have to move around it to get your food!
I put a chicken in the slow cooker and left it to do its thing.
Then crashed out on my bed.
I was so incredibly tired.
Also feeling really blah.
Been a lot of stuff going down and it is exhausting me emotionally.
Dozed for a while and watched some more of Gossip Girl.
Marion put on new potatoes and made a delicious carrot and silver beet mix.
I quickly made some  creamed corn from last nights leftover cobs and dinner was all ready.
We ate outside – love the evening coolness after such hot days.