Monday 22nd February

I had a 9am training session with Ross today so headed out to Richmond for a couple of hours.
Got back home around midday.
It was another really hot day.
Marion & Florian were working on visa and job application stuff.

Glinda arrived to spray the ants around 2pm.
Marion walked to the supermarket and dropped Caspian off at Mary-Anne’s for a few hours to keep him away during the spraying.
It is really good to have someone do the job who actually knows what she is doing.
The poison is very expensive so best to use it the right way than be guessing and wasting it.
She had a good talk with my neighbour and found some ant nests under our big tree, it’s good to have us all on deck as the little critters just move next door to find unsprayed areas.
She was able to definitely identify that we do have the Argentine ants here.
They are the most invasive of the ant species and are rapidly infesting the country.

Not a lot of major interest today even though it was really busy with a lot of coming and going.

Random picture for nothing else except it’s loveliness 🙂
I really delight in my front entrance way – the light on the glass is beautiful.
Can’t wait till I have time to empty it of all the boxes and can use it as my front door.

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