Saturday 27th February

It was a bit of an act getting moving this morning.
Both of us were really tired.
But Mahalia was over at the Wairau River taking part in a friendly regatta between Nelson, Blenheim and Marlborough clubs.
She had come over with Leita & Logan so was on the river by 8am.
By the time we arrived she had just won her first race – a double with Sophie.
I sat and watched from the side lines with other parents.
It was easier to photograph the departing antics than the crossing of finish lines due to the distance across the river.
So here are a few of the girls getting the boats into the water throughout the day.IMG_4798IMG_4847IMG_4849IMG_4823IMG_4825IMG_4826IMG_4828IMG_4857IMG_4852IMG_4855
It was all over by mid arvo so Mahalia came home with us.
We went in convey for the first distance as the others wanted to follow me to the gelato shop at The Vines.
Leita & Logan, Sharon, Mark and the girls all stopped with us.
They were very delicious after a long day on the river
Leita & I popped across the road to check put the Pot Shed.
Some really lovely items there.
Must return soon!

We stopped again at Hira to leave Azzan at his friends place for a sleepover.
I went in to meet Janet & Tom – lovely folk, so was happy to leave him there.
Got home and unpacked.
Took off my bandage as my foot was really swollen.
Bruise is covering all the top of the foot.
Marion & Florian have been pottering in the garden whilst I was gone.IMG_4894
My mirror is hung – I wanted it to reflect my lady and it does beautifully.IMG_4896
Getting there – beginning to fill in the spaces.
I think some more mulch will be on order in next few months.IMG_4898IMG_4900

Mahalia wanted to go swimming so we dragged ourselves off to Tahunanui.
I took my togs and went for my first swim of the season.
It was a cooler evening so it took me a while to wade slowly in until I was up too my neck.
I couldn’t go beyond that though because every time I tried to swim my shoulder would scream with pain.
Yes, I have re jarred it in the fall 😦
I was bouncing in the waves on my left foot because each time I used my right one it would tell me loudly it was too sore to do that yet.
I managed to do some back swimming – my shoulder can handle that movement.
We came home wrapped in towels and had a tiki tour around a few streets checking out some houses.
I had a long soak in the bath afterwards – so good.

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