Sunday 21st February

A beautiful Sunday.
Mahalia went to work for the morning.
I was working on a few business emails & phone calls when Renata called to see if I wanted to take Caspian to the beach.
I was out the door within minutes!!
We had a lovely wander.
The dogs raced around exploring and playing with all the other canine critters.IMG_4446IMG_4449
We stopped off at Morri St Cafe on the way home for a coffee.
It was close to 1am before I got back.
Mahalia was home and resting.
Azzan was getting ready to go out but had not done what I had asked so my day took a turn down debating alley!!
Florian gave me a list of hardware that I needed to get so he could fix a few things for me.
I left the kids to do their assigned jobs for the day and headed off to Mitre10 Mega.
I got all the bits and pieces and zipped straight back home.
Florian was busy putting down pavers.
Man! He is onto it!!
I barely have to mention something Id like done and next thing he is on to it.
It is so cool to have a guy round who can do stuff.
I so appreciate him – might have to keep him on full time 😉IMG_4452IMG_4454
An hour later its all done.
Love it!!
As well as that Marion has planted up the other fucshia and Florian has it hanging already.
Super coolness!!IMG_4457

I took the kids to the beach for an evening swim.
The tide was way way out.
The stormy seas had subsided
Perfect for hair flipping 🙂
It was a perfect evening.
I was totally delighted when I looked at these photos on the computer later.
I just pretty much randomly snap them with my iPhone and when I am wearing my sunnies I can’t see much so to capture a scene like this below was amazing!IMG_4464
The water was so warm I was really wishing I had worn my togs.
That means it really was warm as I don’t usually swim unless its tropical!!
I waded in the deeper shallows and the waves kept splashing up and soaking my shorts.IMG_4473
On the way home we called in to see how Georgia had gotten on at her sailing competitions.
She and Yuri had just gotten home and she was busy unpacking.
We were only stopping in for 10mins.
Next thing the kettle was on and I was enjoying a cuppa and chat with Leita and the kids were off with their friends.
An hour or so later we carried on home with Mahalia commenting that ‘we really can’t do just 10 minutes there can we Mum?’ 😉
It was Sunday night so while the children found some food for their dinner I headed out into the garden to do some pruning to fill up the wheelie bin.
The grape vine had been strewn everywhere by the wind last week plus it has grown meters so I cut heaps off it and reinstated it back to where it should be.
Then I attacked the pumpkin patch.
I have two zucchini plants which have been prolific but were getting swamped by the rampant pumpkins.
This one amused me – it was growing vertically.
It’s fascinating to see a small stem supporting such a weight.
I pruned back all the pumpkin tendrils and dying parts and exposed half a dozen lovely large pumpkins.
Looking good for our winter dinners 🙂
I piled everything into the wheelie bin, it was chocker to overflowing.
Love getting it so full – really feels like I get my money’s worth 😉
My arms reacted to the pumpkin foliage and they were so itchy even after washing them over and over.
I found some left over dinner – really hungry by now.
Got the kids off to bed, had a long talk with Mahalia, tucked Azzan in, Marion put the bin out the gate and we all headed to bed.
A satisfyingly productive day 🙂

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