Thursday 25th February

I was on pager today.
But after a very tearful beginning to my day and a long talk with a friend I agreed to go see the Dr.
Made an appointment for 10:45am.
Contacted work to tell them I would be unavailable for half an hour.
SJ called and told me to take the day off and to look after myself!
Marion took Caspian for a long walk up the Centre of NZ and along the walkway, he was very happy.
They were looking down on us 🙂IMG_4524

I drove to the surgery, hobbled in and saw Dr Jo.
She had a good look and pondered the possibility of a break in the central metatarsals so gave me x-ray forms.
I was so thankful to find a park close to the entrance of the Nelson Radiography.
I’ve been trying to not use the lifts in the seeking of better health and well being but this was not a stair climbing day.
The lady took my forms and informed my that she could give me an appointment at 12:30pm.
I was like ‘Seriously? No way am I going home and coming back in an hour, it’s far too painful!’
So she sent me to sit and wait.
She managed to squeeze me in fairly soon which was great.
The lady was really thorough and I waited a bit longer while she got someone to ready the x-rays before I left.
Then I headed back home to elevate my foot again.
Finally mid arvo I talked to the nurse who was able to tell me that thankfully no bones were broken so now we knew how to treat it.
Instead of a moonboot I could now continue with the RICE treatment.
Only problem was there were no bandages in my first aid box :-/
I went back home to rest up and have lunch.
Glynnie popped in to visit then at 2:30pm I had to zip up the road to pick up some bags of sheep manure.

I popped in to the pharmacy on the way home and got myself a lovely blue bandage and strapped it all up.
The relief was almost immediate.
Managed a quick trip to the supermarket – if hobbling around clinging to the trolley for support can ever be quick!!
Spent the rest of the day resting with my leg elevated.

Caspian and Florian playing chasing around Azzan’s carefully placed after school bike 😉IMG_4525IMG_4522IMG_4523
Azzan headed off to kickboxing soon after 5pm.
Dinner outside again – wonderful balmy evening.
Gorgeous daughter not wanting the photo takenIMG_4512
Gotcha this time 😉IMG_4513
Intensely awesome sky tonightIMG_4514

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