Tuesday 23rd February

Florian had a work trial today so he was up and gone early.
Marion & I went out for a girls day.
I did a couple of jobs on the way through town and then went to Crusoes.
I wanted to introduce her to Anat.
We had a lovely morning tea there and then popped out to Richmond to visit David & Sasha.
Spent longer there than planed cuz I was helping out a bit.
Nice to spend some time with them 🙂

We got back home around lunch time and just did home stuff here.

Marion & Florian have been busy this evening.
Cat made this driftwood hanging a few years ago and hung it by our spa pool, I’ve always loved it so I brought it to town with me.
The ropes had rotted and were breaking so we replaced them with mussel rope – brings a bit of Port Ligar to town.
Florian repainted the wind vane and put it up.IMG_4503
I love being able to see it from my kitchen window.
It was my present to Tim on his 60th birthday so very sentimental to me.IMG_4505
I realised it was across my boundary fence so called over to Ursula and joshed with her for not asking their permission 😉
She loved it so all’s good!

Marion has been planting today.
This begonia will make my lady look very colourful once it gets established.IMG_4506
Now all I need is to water and have patience as these plants grow to create the garden I am seeing in my mind’s eye.IMG_4510IMG_4509
She has been spreading the sheep manure around the plants today too.IMG_4507

Mahalia had an appointment at Nelson Beauty Therapy so after she got home she and I went to the beach.
It was a beautiful evening with a very low tide.
The evening light on the wet sea bed was beautiful.
Caspian had turned green from the algae on the sand so we washed him in the waves before coming home.IMG_4499

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