Wednesday 24th February

Today started with a 9am meeting with my business consultant.
Seb drove out to join us which was great.
He was able to educate Steve in the ways of the mussel industry.
When you have grown up with a fledgling industry like we have you forget how involved it is until you sit back and listen to someone trying to explain to a newbie how it all works.
It is actually quite complex.
Being a primary farming operation there are many foibles to constantly be dealing with which make forecasting quite tricky.
Anyway, it was a good meeting and we all had homework to head off with.

Seb went off to do his town jobs and I popped into talk to my Vodafone man.
He has been investigating our account and sorting out some updates for me.
With so many changes happening it was a good time to get it all sorted.
I had intended to pop back home but while Austin and I were talking Tracy spotted me and came in to say hullo.
So I ended up going to Colombus Cafe with her for a coffee.
It was lovely to stop and catch up.
Realised my parking meter was way over so I shot back to the car and was very thankful to find no tickets gracing my windscreen.
Move the car and had a few minutes up my sleeve to poppy up to find Leita at her new place of employment.
By the time we had played tag between the lift and stairs I only had a short time to visit.
Nice to see where her new daytime home is now.

I was running late for my physio appointment so tore off with only a couple of minutes to get there.
Of course the traffic was mental so I was getting a tad anxious but Susie was running behind time so I still managed to have a minute  or two to catch my breath.
My shoulder has been feeling way better these past couple of days.
It still has the ouch factor when I twist or move it the wrong way but the aching has died down thankfully.
She did some massage and acupuncture and I left feeling really good.

Came back home and rested with a late lunch.
Azzan had a tennis lesson at 4:15-5 pm so he stayed at school and hung out with friends till then.
Mahalia had rowing at 4pm so walked straight from school.
I had organised that Azzan would bike to Countdown and leave his bike there.
I would pick Mahalia up from rowing at 5pm, swing by and collect him and then drove to the beach so he could join his 5:30pm kick boxing class while Mahalia & I took Caspian to the back beach.

So I dutifully arrived at the rowing club just before 5pm.
Had to park back bit by the Boat Club as the closer parks were all full.
Saw some parents chatting by the boat trailer so thought I’d go join them.
They didn’t stay for long so I walked back towards the car with one of them.
As I went to walk past her car which was parked at the entrance I spotted the rowing manager and decided to change tack to go over and talk with her.
The car was on a slightly downhill slope and the towbar was also an a lower angle than if it were normal parked.
I never saw it!
I caught my right foot on it and went flying.
I desperately tried to save myself from falling but went flailing around, fell over the puppy and landed on the pavement in a heap.
My foot was screaming with pain.
I was so embarrassed, all I wanted to do was get outa there.
Sharon helped me up and I hobbled back to my car, ripped off my shoe as my foot had begun swelling already.
It was SO painful I just sat and cried.
Mahalia was late getting out so I was sitting there for probably 15 minutes sobbing with the pain.
Azzan was calling because we were running late.
I managed to drive to get him but the pain was intense.
I had to use my left foot on the brake pedal whenever I was sitting in a traffic queue as I couldn’t handle the pressure on my foot.
I cried the whole way over to the beach, dropped Azzan off and then Mahalia made the call to drove up to Leita & Yuri’s to get some ice on it.
Logan & Yuri were home and got an ice pack sorted for me.
I was glad of my sunnies so they couldn’t see the remains of my tears 😦
Leita was home soon after and found some Arnica cream.
I sat with my foot elevated and iced for about an hour which was really good.
There was a bruise the size of a small egg on the top of my foot by this time.
Mahalia & Logan took Caspian for a walk to the beach to get up Azzan so I didn’t have to drive back down there.

The drive home was really painful, so glad to get back.
I was feeling so bad because I had told Marion I would help her prepare dinner on my return but I was not able to stand for long.
So she and Florian carried on with their preparations and I roped the kids in to help while I kept my foot up.
It was quite late by the time we ate.
I was feeling really miserable & weary but just didn’t want to go to bed yet.
So I sat in the lounge and watched some Gossip Girl with some comfort food and then had a late phone chat with Jesika.
Finally staggered off to bed around midnight.


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