Wednesday 9th March

I was woken around 5am by a very loud crashing noise.
Went to investigate and found Azzan in the kitchen.
He had walked into his door apparently :-/
He was up in his gym clothes and about to go for a run up the Grampians.
I informed him that it was only 5am and pitch black outside so he went back to bed.
I did too.
Only trouble was I never went back to sleep but h did!
I had to pull him out of bed at 7:30am.
By then all his thoughts of achieving fitness had gone right out the window and he was asking for ride to school as he had forgotten to bring his bike home last night.
So I whizzed through my ablutions and zoomed up the street, picked up Luka and dropped them both at school around 8:15am.
I came back home and found Florian & Marion up and getting breakfast.
Viv arrived soon afterwards to interview me re hosting International homestay students.
M&F went off to do some last minute jobs in town.
I had a great hour with Viv, she fell in love with Caspian and was happy with our situation so here’s hoping we will have a house guest soon.
I got stuck into food preparation.
Hadn’t planned to but it just took over my morning.
I had a lot of tomatoes that need immediate attention so soon had a large pot of spaghetti sauce and a big pan of ratatouille simmering on the stove.
Then I found several half used avocado in the fridge so processed them into guacamole.
With all the leftover veggies I made a pot of veg stew and added heaps of silver beet then stuffed a marrow for dinner.
To finish I made a half sized Mega Mud Puddle Cake with pineapple and strawberries in it.
While I was doing all of this Marion & Florian had returned and were sorting out all their gear in preparation for their departure.
I think Caspian was keen to accompany them as he snuggled down amongst all of their gear.
Then it was time for one last playtime in the sunshine.IMG_5194
While Marion shed a tear over leaving me 😉IMG_5197Glynnie arrived and had a cuppa with me.
It was nice to stop and put my feet up for half an hour and have some lunch.
After she had gone and I had farewelled my two lovely German guests I crashed out for an hour and had a rest.
I was really weary.
Was trying all day to get to the accounts but kept on getting pipped at the post.
Azzan arrived in from tennis soon after 5pm so I got dinner cooking.
The stuffed marrow didn’t cook in time so I quickly made a broccoli salad and had that with vege stew, steak & chunky roast potatoes.
It was delicious.
Azzan hoovered his food down and was gone before 6:30pm.
He was going to the Junior College dance, he and his friends were anticipating a fun night as apparently the odds were in favour of the boys – 1 boy to 5 girls attending 🙂
Mahalia and I decided to take Caspian to the beach and then pick up Graham from the airport at 7:45pm.
Half way there I realised we had both left our phones & drink bottle behind.
Caspian went nuts at the beach as there were several very large dogs to race around after.
He wasn’t too keen on keeping with us as they were far more interesting.
We had to estimate our beach walk to ensure we weren’t late.
Did well and had time up our sleeve to do a quick drive through and pick up a large frozen lime & pineapple drink.
Shanni it’s all your fault for introducing us to them on Saturday  😉
We arrived at the airport at 7:40 and Mahalia zipped in to check the arrival times and discovered that the flight was delayed till 8:23pm.
So I zipped back home, dropped Mahalia & Caspian off, she found my phone and my drink bottle and I headed back to the airport.
The flight ended up being delayed around 45 minutes.
I collected Graham and brought him back to pick up his truck and trailer.
Then I zipped into town and met up with Marion & Florian at Little India.
They were enjoying a last supper there with her sister and some friends so I chatted for a while before heading back to meet Azzan who was being dropped off after the dance by a neighbour.
Whew – long day.
Lots done, but probably not what I all should’ve been doing – sigh!

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