Friday 25th March

I was up around 4am – was quite pleased to see Azzan was asleep.
Who knows how many hours he actually got!
Mahalia has rowing training throughout Easter weekend starting at 6:30am each morning  so she was up and gone early today.
The storm was blowing itself out.
The rain was well and truly over, just some wind gusts playing with us for a while throughout the morning.
The sun shone and the day turned into another really lovely hot Indian summer day.
I was committed to spending the day at my desk.
Have to make some serious inroads into the gst as I only have a few days left to get it all filed.
I wrote a list of chores for Azzan to do and left it on the bench.
He was all snuggled up under his blanket watching a movie so I left him to rise in his own time.
Graham called by with some friends for me to meet.
They were on their way down to the bay to have a working bee on the wharf.
He has been working on it for past months and is trying really hard to get it finished for me this weekend which I really appreciate.
I would be lost without him helping me on this project.
We began the job of demolishing the old wharf back in January 2010 and then the rebuild was begun within the month following.

Azzan cruised into his day.
He had a list to work through before I would even consider any socialising so I left him to do it.
I had some fairly intense work time with no distractions which was good.
Made some good headway although at one point I did succumb to tears of frustration over not knowing how to do some things.
Managed to get it figured eventually.
I stopped for a stretch and some sustenance and sat in the sun for a few minutes at lunch time and then carried on.
Mahalia arrived back in the early afternoon.
They had done some very intense training and she was covered in did salt and was really tired.
She made some food and crashed out on the couch with a movie and did some much needed resting/sleeping.

Azzan wanted to go hang out with his friends later in the day so I did a quality check on his jobs.
Pulled him back to finish them properly and then he was released.
He was on his bike and out the gate in a flash!
He visited some friends nearby and then biked round to the beach to go swimming with some others.

I carried on with my work until just after 6pm when Jesika called.
Whilst talking to her I weeded the front garden.
The rains have given the weeds plenty of nourishment and they are growing like crazy.
Ross & Lenore finally arrived around 8pm.
They had left home earlyish for them but had done some tiki touring along the way.
They had planned to take us out for dinner but it was too late for Mahalia so we headed off without her.
Went to Little India and decided to get takeouts so we could go home and eat with Mahalia.
But by the time we returned it was too late for her to eat so she stashed it in the fridge to have tomorrow.
We enjoyed our dinner together and then headed off to bed soon afterwards.

Sharon messaged me with some photos that had been posted by Rowing Celebration of Mahalia at SISS regatta.
I had seen them earlier.
All credits go to Steve McArthur of Rowing Celebration who is a major supporter of these events and takes 100’s of wonderful photos of all the rowing regattas throughout NZ.
The first photo really shows the effort and their exhaustion at the end of their race.
Mahalia is 2nd from right in front boat.
And the joy of crossing the finish line in good time 🙂
And Sophie and Mahalia’s jubilation at gaining the silver medal in their doubles race 🙂12472289_1008780142508625_8553981043809478428_n
I went off to sleep after reading this write up about the Nelson Colleges successful participation in the SISS regatta last weekend.



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