Saturday 26th March

Okay – so waking early I can do.
But waking at 3am is just not funny.
Especially when the brain switches on immediately and going back to sleep is an impossibility.
I waited until 4am and then got up and filled in an hour doing some mail.
Then when I heard Mahalia get up I zipped through my shower.
She was getting fuelled up for her mornings training.
She had 2 bowls of food in front of her.
While we had our early morning catch up time she was devouring her Malai Kofta and her porridge.
Nice breakfast mix!
She took the remaining Malai Kofta and Paneer Kulcha with her for lunch.
She was a happy girl.
Loves her Indian food.
I came back home and got stuck into the gst again.

Mid morning I decided to can the accounts and go to the market with Ross & Lenore.
I needed to clear my head.
Left Azzan to his morning chores.
Town was incredibly busy.
Parking was crazy.
The market was busier than I’d seen it in a long time.
Ah! That’s right!
It’s a long weekend.
The last one before winter so everyone was out enjoying the beautiful day.
Ross dropped us off and then went looking for a park.
We did a few laps of the market, found some fruit, chatted with Belinda, met up with Ross briefly, wandered some more and ended up over in Whitcoulls.
Ross called to say he’d found Pat & Phillipa so they walked over and we stopped at Starbucks for a short coffee together.
Nice to catch up ever so briefly.
Never enough time though.

Then it was time to zoom!
They dropped me off back home and went back to the supermarket.
Sharon had been doing breakfast for the rowers and came to collapse hang out with me while they finished their second round of training for the day.
We are both very tired mothers of even more exhausted rowers who are pushing their absolute limits in preparation for Maadi.
Things are getting pretty fraught with tired & emotional young folk.
It’s tough, but they are tough and they push themselves hard.
It is pretty darned intense to see their zeal and passion.
One more week of training and then they are off to win medals!!

I helped Lenore get the fruit platters ready.
They got changed into wedding clothes.
Sharon went back and picked up the girls, dropped Mahalia off and she pretty much climbed straight into the backseat of Ross & Lenore’s car and headed off to Rabbit Island to celebrate Rachel & Shane’s wedding.
I finally got out to hang washing on the line.
I was enjoying the sunshine when Wendy & Jae arrived.
Lovely to see them.
They were all loaded up with exciting stuff – exciting for Wendy that is 😉
A great big weaving loom to enjoy plus heaps of extras.
It was nice to finally welcome them to my new home.
They didn’t stay long because they still had a long drive back home and of course, the loom to unpack and construct 🙂

Once they’d all gone I started breathing 😉
Azzan asked if we could have some Mum/son time so we took Caspian and wandered to the Sprig.
Sat out on the deck and enjoyed some cool drinks and curly fries and googled up random quiz questions to answer.
Fun 🙂
Then he pleaded an ice cream out of me before taking Caspian back home.
He had lawns to mow and the rest of his chores to do.

I walked on up to visit Bede at The Wood Retirement Village.
He was really pleased to see me 🙂
We sat and chatted for ages.
I did some more colouring in his books, admire his sketches of his dream boats.
They’re really good!
Bedelia arrived before I left so I had a nice catch up with her too.
Back home to Azzan who had enjoyed an nana nap while I was gone so was chasing his tail to get through his chores.
One was to get them done is to throw away the list that your mother has written up and subsequently has forgotten everything that was on it 😉
He went off for a run before dinner.
Ross, Lenore and Mahalia arrived back so I threw some food together for dinner.
Leftover Indian for Mahalia & Ross and fresh corn with cheese & tomatoes for the rest of us.
I was really weary so in between the comings and goings I had been nabbing myself a few minutes rest stops.
While Ross & Lenore zipped to the supermarket I did some cooking.
Made up a pasta dish for Mahalia’s tomorrow food.
Need to keep nourishing filling foods prepared for her to grab as she is on the run with training and is getting incredibly tired.
I tucked her into bed, and then after R&L came back we had a cuppa and some delicious fresh bread and butter for supper before we all fell into bed ourselves.
Such a long day, but good to leave the paperwork in the office and try to forget all the stresses.
Enough time to deal with them when the new business week begins………….

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