Sunday 27th March

Mahalia had intense Maadi training again today so was gone soon after 6am.
The rest of us had a fairly chilled out morning.
I enjoyed chatting over breakfast with Lenore.
Ross packed up the car and went to pick up their two nieces and got side tracked garage sale-ing.
Shoulda known!
Ross & Tim were great friends and bargain hunting was one of their commonalities 🙂
During some joshing’ around time we shared a memory with Azzan that Tim had endearingly nicknamed Ross ‘Uncle Famine’ due to his inability to put on weight.
That name stuck for years 🙂
Ross fixed the weedeater for Azzan so he could finish off the lawns.
One day I will figure out the technicalities of refilling the cord, but until then I really appreciate the men who come into my life just at the right times 😉
Azzan discovered the hard way that long pants and shoes are probably quite helpful when doing this type of work.
He is now sporting a cord burn on his leg :-/
Lenore & I sat out in the front garden and enjoyed the sunshine for while.

Finally it was time to say our farewells.
We have have really treasured Ross & Lenore’s friendship over the past 20 years.
But this weekend I have been so loved and incredibly blessed by them both.
Thank you so much for your support.
It means so much to me xxxxx

After they left I held the ladder and Azzan climbed high and picked figs for me.
He got a good bucket full.
There are still many more coming on so looks like I will have to start making some more pickles.

Mahalia arrived back.
Tired and covered in salt spray.
She had a shower, ate food, filled me in on todays training,  and went to bed.

I woke her before 3pm and we piled into the car and drove out to Cable Bay to meet Bri & Abby and David & Sasha  who were already out there.
It was a gorgeous afternoon.
The place was quite busy but as we arrived late-ish a lot of cars began leaving and we enjoyed a quieter time there.
Azzan went off for a walk up the hill.
We all lazed on the beach.
It was lovely to spend time with family.
I treasure each moment of these special times.
There was a king tide today and it had receded way way out.
Sasha & Mahalia went in for a swim.
Bri took Caspian in swimming and had fun chasing sticks and playing games with him.
He had a great time chasing seagulls but then was playing elusive for so long that I wasn’t sure if I was going to get him into the car.
Thankfully he finally cooperated and Mahalia bundled him up into a towel and popped him onto his cushion.

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We said our goodbyes and headed homewards.
On the way back my fuel light began flashing.
Forgot to fuel up earlier.
Held my breath and drove straight to the Bishopdale fuel station.
Shouted the kids an ice cream and came home to collapse.
The late afternoon sun had gotten so hot that it had exhausted us all.
I put some potatoes in the oven to bake and then dozed on the kitchen seat.
Mahalia found me and began covering me up with blankets 🙂
I managed to stagger around the kitchen and make a salad and cold chicken to have with the potatoes.
Dinner actually turned out way better than I thought it would be.
We were all in bed quite early.
I watched a couple of episodes of Missing Pieces and then was out to the count!


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