Tuesday 29th March

So today Mahalia had rowing at 6:30am.
But I was the one awake somewhere around 3:30am and then soon after I heard crashing around next door so figured Azzan was either awake or doing some serious sleepwalking!
And Mahalia was the one who slept late and I had to wake her.
She wasn’t impressed to find that there had been a pizza thief in the kitchen over night.
Seems like Azzan has inherited his father’s tendencies for making sure that ‘leftovers’ don’t go to waste!
Problem is that like his dad he eats the wrong ‘leftovers’ :-/
She had it cut already and semi wrapped in tinfoil ready to take for her post training snack.
I whizzed around doing all I need to get done and then gave Azzan some last minute instructions – he was still in bed when I left just before 9am.
I whizzed down to the BNZ to meet my business consultant at one of the conference rooms.
Steve & I had a good couple of hours going over the businesses and sussing out some forward planning.
Then it was time to zip back home.
Azzan had escaped off to town to meet his friends and Mahalia was resting up after training and derigging boats.
I left her to it and drove back into town.
Took a while to find a park.
Keep forgetting it is a long weekend and the kids are all off school today so town was pretty busy.
I went and bought my movie ticket before hoping over to see one of my accountants for a few minutes.
Then back to get a chocolate coated ice-cream in a cone before finding my seat.
I have been wanting to watch ‘Spotlight’ for ages so decided that cheap Tuesday was a good  time to escape from the responsibilities of life for a couple of hours.
It was an excellent film, with a brilliant cast whose likeness to their real characters is uncanny, about the true story of based on The Boston Globe’s research into child abuse within the Catholic Church.
That was one incredible movie to watch.
Trigger alert!!

I got back home around 4pm.
Kids were all out so I carried on with making dinner.
Made a vege casserole with noodles.
Azzan finally made it back around 5pm and then took Caspian walking.
He spotted some feijoas up the road for sale so called me.
I sent Mahalia up to get some but they’d gone.
Will have to try again tomorrow.
Fantastic the season is beginning – happy dance 🙂
I connected up AppleTV so Mahalia & I could watch The Batchelor and then I introduced her to ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’.
Then it was off to bed for us all.
Well, I thought it was….
until I saw the kitchen.
So I spent an hour cleaning up and getting ready for tomorrow after the two darlings had retired :-/





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