Thursday 28th April

Another beautiful Autumn morning here.
Just wondering when this sunny warm Indian summer is going to crash into winter.
No doubt when it does it will do it with a vengeance and we will all go into shock!
Had to wake Azzan at 8:15am – obviously his new room and bed is very comfortable.
By the time I had turned off my pager & finished my handover talk with Jenni and had my shower he was long gone off to work.
I made some porridge and then finished my painting from last night while Mahalia walked Caspian and her bike up to the bike shop.
Finally getting her flat tyre fixed.
This is the critter who kept me busy last night.
Once I had gotten her to a place of somewhat finishedness I headed to my desk to tackle the accounting side of life.
Ho hum – boring :-/
Took me ages to slot in to the zone.
But then I got called away.
Oh dear, what a shame ;-/

Mahalia came back with her friend Sam and they spent a few hours baking.
Azzan arrived back from work and then there was a scurry to find some money so he could go get his haircut.
I then went in to meet Cally & Mac at East Street Cafe for a last catch up before they head back up to the northern regions.
It was lovely sitting in the little bit of sunshine remaining in the courtyard.
I hadn’t had lunch as yet so enjoyed a broccoli, mushroom & feta filo while they had their hot drinks.
After farewelling them off on their journey to Picton I swung by Countdown to pick up a few things.
Mahalia & Sam walked to the movies – The Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
When I got home Azzan was attacking some of his jeans with scissors, grater and ink in an attempt to alter them.
He was very much in his happy creative space 🙂
His dive course was postponed again tonight due to illness, which I was quite happy about as I had a clash of interests tonight.
I had time to have a bowl of chilli veggies for dinner before heading off to pick up Mahalia & Sam from the movies.
However the message hadn’t been computed and they started walking.
I caught up with Mahalia and dropped her home and then found Sam and delivered her to her house.
I just had time to drive over to St Mary’s Church to attend Bede’s rosary.
It was a first for me.
Lovely to just be still for a while, and also to have time to talk with some of the family before his funeral tomorrow.
Got back home just after 8pm.
Kids hadn’t had their dinner so I suggested it might be a good idea.
I made myself a bubble tea and watched an episode of SeaChange before heading off to my bed.

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