Friday 29th April

Azzan biked off to his last day of work for these holidays.
Mahalia was not feeling 100% so I left her in bed.
I was sitting in the sunroom soaking up the morning sunshine and eating my breakfast when Penelope arrived.
We sat and talked for quite some time.
Lots to discuss and get our heads around.
I all of a sudden realised the time at 10:45am so saw her out the door and did a quick scurry to get ready.
Then I whizzed up the road to St Mary’s Church to farewell Bede with his friends and family.
I arrived just a few minutes before the 11am start, found a park on the school tennis courts and as I was locking the car an elderly man walked by and commented on my car.
We started chatting and I walked with him to the church.
Turns out he is an old Havelock resident who knew my family and the area well.
He was delighted when I suggested I sat with him 🙂
It was a lovely service and a great dedication to a good man.
And end of an era.
When Steve gave the eulogy it moved me to tears.
Tears of memories, and loss, and personal grief.
I have attended several funerals since Tim died but this one moved me more than any.
Bede and Tim might have been a generation apart but the same values and work ethics bound them together, and the words Steve used were synonymous.
It was a beautiful sunny day outside and lovely to stand and catch up with many friends but a lot were elderly so we moved across to the hall to enjoy the morning tea and more talking.
It was so good to catch up with Gilbert and Joan as I hadn’t seen them in months.
Plus met a new friend who lives quite close to me – another local contact 🙂
Around 1pm the family all headed off to the cemetery so I came home to rest up as all the standing was playing havoc with my sacroiliac – again :-/
I just had time to rest up on the sofa and enjoy a bowl of soup before Rossi, Doug & James arrived.
They’d been to the cemetery and were calling in to view my Nissan and to visit my new abode.
It was great to have them here, look forward to more visits now they now where I am 😉
I took them next door to introduce them to my neighbour Nin who has a wonderful veg stall.
They bought up large and then headed off to finish their town day before heading home to the bay.
Azzan had a long day at work and didn’t get home till around 2pm.
Mahalia took Caspian off for a long walk and Azzan went bike riding so I had the house to myself.

I found my very first feijoa of the season on the ground when I went to check the garden.
This year my Bambino trees are actually producing some bigger fruit.
Most excitingly delicious.
The guava are very cute and also very abundant.

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