Friday 22nd April

Because I am on pager for two days I sleep with my phone turned on.
So when Anson text me at 1:28am I woke.
And waking made my brain respond to my body which was telling it that the chips I had for dinner were not sitting well and I was feeling incredibly nauseated.
I managed to get back to sleep but it was very fitful.
Finally dragged myself out of bed somewhere around 7:30/8am.
Felt and looked like I’d been hit by a steam train.
I gave Azzan a wake up call and went to see if a shower would help.
It didn’t.
Decided I needed to fast today to try and get rid of whatever is poisoning my system.
Azzan bike off to work just before 9am.
I tried to get some office stuff done because I am so far behind now, but my brain cells are so mushy, my stomach was churning,  and my head aching so badly I couldn’t think.
Mahalia text to ask if I could come pick her up so I took the opportunity to call into the pharmacy and pick up some Panadine.
I know they have to be really careful when selling these things but when you have got a deranged woman literally falling over the counter in a dazed glassy eyed state and in obvious pain you would think they could cut some slack.
When she asked me if I wouldn’t be taking them too often – i.e. overdosing on them, I felt like saying ‘Of course!  I’m about to take all 40 of them cuz then the pain might stop!’
But I didn’t.
I thanked her, paid her and staggered back to the car and swallowed just the recommended two.
Then even though I know this place like the back of my hand I knew I count rely on my brain to function so I se that route into my iPhone and followed the directions out to Monaco.
The girls were in various stages of wakefulness, with some leaving and some about to make pancakes.
Mahalia was clad in her onesie so looked ever so gorgeous 🙂
I diverted slightly to Crusoes to pick up some vouchers for a friend
Mahalia of course wouldn’t leave the car so I went in.
Decided to break my fast and get a Bubble Tea as I thought it would sooth my stomach.
I must’ve looked sick because Anat immediately saw I was unwell and made me sit down before I fell down.
Apparently I am very pale and washed out.
Yep! That’s me in all my glory right now 😦
The Bubble Tea is made with basil seeds and pomegranate juice and it really touched the spot.
Thanks for the TLC Anat – really appreciated it xxx
Came home and collapsed in the sun on my rocker.
That trip out knock the stuffing outa me.
Mahalia made it to her bed within minutes of walking in the door and slept the afternoon away.
I rested for a while and then start trying to catch up in the office.
But Sarah arrived and saved me!
She bought me a Tank smoothie to try and soothe my tummy.
Thanks Sarah, it was lovely 🙂
She headed off to get ready for her weekend camping trip and I headed back to my bed.
Azzan had another adventure on his way back from work today.
He found a dog straying on the main road, assessed that it could cause an accident so caught it and called the police.
Then directed him to the council who then called the SPCA.
I hope the owners find it there soon, it sounded like a lovely dog.

Azzan was mowing the lawn, doing some dishes and vacuuming the Nissan.
I’m getting it ready to sell.
Should’ve had it listed weeks ago.

After Sarah left I tried to carry on with some office work but had to give up.
I was aching and shivery so went to bed and dozed for an hour or so.
Azzan had a ticket to go to FADER – an evening organised for under 18 year olds so he got himself all ready for that.
I could smell the preparations from my bed!!
Smelt like 10 chemist shops – whew!!
After a few frustrating call backs for information that mothers need to have, like who’s bringing him home and txt me when you get there etc he headed off to his wild night out.
Its only a 10minute walk to the Trafalgar Pavilion but it was 6:30pm and getting dark so I was entitled to be concerned.
Sean, one of the organisers and DJ’s is a friend of Azzan’s and quite a few of his friends were going so he should have an enjoyable night.
After he had gone I unburied myself from my blankets and went out to move my car inside the gate.
Mahalia and Caspian were tucked into bed by 7:30pm and I followed soon after.
I heard Azzan coming in at 12:30am!!
He has assured me since that he was actually home at 11:30pm but couldn’t sleep so went outside to star watch.

Thursday 21st April

Mahalia went to rowing at 9am.
Her coach is wanting her to learn to row in single so she was doing that today.
Azzan biked to work.
On his way home he picked up a wallet so we spent some time trying to locate the owner.
I called the bank and they tried to contact him.
Eventually he called us – just a few minutes after Azzan handed it into the police station.
But it was lovely to get a thank you call from him and his mother.
Azzan then went off to have pizza with his friends.
They all went on to the movies so he came home mucked around.
I am trying to get some chores done around here but after a 20min bike ride each way to work & back, and a morning at work he doesn’t seem terribly interested in doing much more.
He went for a bike ride and then took Caspian for a dusk walk.

Mahalia put the fig chutney into jars for me.
Then Caitlyn picked her up for a sleepover.
Nice for her to spend some time with her new school friends but I doubt much sleep will be had.
I was very grateful she was able to get a ride out as I didn’t feel up to driving yet.
I am still experiencing temp surges and feeling very wooly brained and no energy at all.

Jayarshrii came for a visit later in the afternoon.
Had a cup of tea and a good chat.
Azzan asked for hamburger for dinner so I called up and ordered one for him and fish and chips for me.
He ran down to pick them up and I got caught up in a lengthy phone call.
So by the time I was free he had finished eating.
Scrunched up in my pillows on my bed and watched some more of ‘Our First Home’ before crashing out for the night.

Wednesday 20th April

The kids were supposed to be home all day today but Azzan got called in to work at the last minute and Mahalia got called in to rowing.
She is now helping get the new novices underway.
So both the kids were away.
I was feeling really annoyed about it as I had been wanting some help with the housework around here.
One thing with being sick it makes the house feel grungy too.

I was feeling really spacey but got up and had some porridge.
Throat feeling not so full of razor blades today.
Have got this raspy husky voice and small amounts of pain in my chest when I eat.
I’m a bit wobbly on my feet so just continuing to take it quietly.
Cally & Mac arrived in for a visit.
So nice to see them.
I haven’t been well enough to socialise for days now and have been missing adult company.
We sat out in the sunshine on the front deck with our cups of tea and warmed up as it had been quite cool over night.
It seems that it is a season for catching up on long lost friends lately.
I haven’t seen Cally since she and her boys came to stay on the farm back on 1999.
We met via the home education circles and even though they live way up north and us down south we have maintained a relatively close long distance friendship.
A heap of water under our bridges since then.
It was lovely and felt just so relaxed and comfortable.
Finally it was nearing lunch time and they had things to do,  places to go and explore so we said our goodbyes.
Hope you both have an awesome time exploring 🙂

I could see that the figs Mahalia had managed to pick would not last long so I pulled up my big girl bloomers and made a big pan of fig, pear, apple & ginger chutney.
Also made kumara chips for dinner.
There was plenty of leftovers to add to them so IO didn’t have to do much more.
It really took every ounce of my reserves to do it but am glad to have it done.
Mahalia crashed out on the sofa all arvo not feeling well.
Hoping she hasn’t got my bug.
I’m not feeling well enough to be nursing her yet :-/

I retreated to my bed again.
So weary and about ready to pack it in for the night when Jayarshrii text to say she was free to come round.
So she arrived at 8:30pm and we chatted for a wee while over a cuppa.
Nice end to my night but I was extremely glad to see my pillows a bit later.

Tuesday 19th April

I made it through the shower this morning but went straight back to bed.
First shower since Friday so am feeling so much fresher for it.
Just haven’t had the energy or reserves till now to be able to stand up long enough.
It was also the first time I looked in the mirror too closely and some very black circles have gathered under my eyes.
Headache not so bad but throat still very sore.

Azzan went off to work on his bike.
He is finding the early mornings a bit much on his school holidays.
He lamented that he had hoped to get some sleep ins during the holidays.
Mahalia had rowing this morning too so I was here on my own for the morning.

I spent all day on my bed.
So guess that’s an improvement from being in my bed!
Started watching some good old Kiwi reality tv.
‘Our First Home’.
Am actually really enjoying watching how they progress through the renovations under such pressure.
It also doesn’t matter too much if I doze off as Im not missing too much 😉

After she got home Mahalia made pikletes for my lunch.
Very innovative presentation.
I had to start on the left with the savoury ones and move across.IMG_6445

I was getting pretty desperate for some decent painkillers as all of mine were very outdated or not strong enough, so Mahalia took Caspian for a walk up to Renata’s and she kindly sent down something to help sort me out.
I’ve also been getting some really weird temperature spikes/surges.
Sorta hit like random hot flushes.
I haven’t been sick like this in years.
It’s really knocking me around.

Monday 18th April

Still not feeling wonderful so made the executive decision to stay in bed.
Well, Mahalia had already told me last night I was going to so I didn’t disobey.
Didn’t actually have the energy to anyway.
I cancelled the 2 meetings I had on today with absolutely no regrets.
Azzan’s bike was still over at John & Sally’s so I sort out the bus trip for him.
He had never used the buses before so I went online and figured out the route, the fare, the stops etc.
He was all okay about it so he set off at 9am to walk to the bus depot.
He text me at 9:30am to say he was safely on the right bus.
All good.
Then at 9:53am I got another text telling me “I’m in Richmond oops’!!
He had asked the driver to let him off at the stop I had said but she had forgotten.
He had sat himself right down the back of the bus instead of up front as I had suggested.
So by the time he realised and asked they were way past.
So she let him off in Stoke with a note for the return bus to take him back at no cost.
He had no extra money on him so I was glad to hear that.
Trouble was he thought he was in Richmond so he missed a ride with John who was nearby.
It wasn’t until he was talking to me afterwards that he raised he was at Stoke!
He had to wait until 10:30am for the next bus.
Which then arrived 15minutes late.
He made it off at the correct stop this time, phone me to make sure where to go from there and then finally made it to work just after 11am.
Only an hour and a half late.
But good lessons learned.

It was my lovely neighbour’s birthday today and I was not up to going to visit so I made her a card with a celebratory quirky bird on front.
But when Mahalia went to deliver it Ursula was also sick in bed so it didn’t get to her till the next day.
Happy Birthday Ursula.
No fun being sick, least of all on your own birthday 😦
Mahalia spent the day cleaning.
She cleaned the spare room and bathroom thoroughly and prepared it for our international student.
Depending of course whether we have any guests in the meantime.
It may have to be redone!.
I have made a long list of things to keep them occupied during the holidays.
As nothing much gets done during the term they have to make up for lost time during break 😉

Azzan got diverted after work.
He was on his way home and met up with a couple of friends so when back to Jack’s house for the rest of the afternoon.
He’s fortunate I am unwell and not watching the clock as he forgot to call me till much later.
He had an early dinner there and biked home.

Mahalia took Caspian for a run later in the day.
She picked up some painkillers for me from Renata as I had run out.
Then took Caspian up the hill and got caught out in the dark.
Daylight saving and the onset of autumn is shortening out evenings drastically!

Mahalia heated up the leftover lasagne and made a salad.
I managed to eat that and then we all hit the pillows.
I went out about 10:30pm to get a drink and saw the back door was unlocked so locked it and went to bed.
Then just before 11pm Azzan came into say goodnight!!
He had been outside star gazing.Hence the door being unlocked.
I cannot keep up with this young lad.

Sunday 17th April

I felt like I have a throat full of razor blades.
And my head was aching.
And I had a temperature which surged up and down.
So miserable 😦

Azzan went off to church.
He has friends at Unite so is enjoying going there.
Sebastian called up with some good news from work.
Good news is great these days.
Hasn’t been much in a while :-/

I was hungry in spite of feeling so rotten so text Mahalia asking for some breakfast.
I was thinking an omelette would go down ok.
But she brought me a bowl of fresh strawberries, feijoas & bananas and frozen berries with some left over fruit pie.
Totally unable to be swallowed food.
The strawberries and feijoas stung my throat something terrible.
I was pretty gutted cuz I really love both fruits.
But she was not too interested in making me an omelette at that stage.
Her tv programme was more interesting than her sick mother.
I was feeling really sore & sad and very neglected – poor me stuff.
Lay and cried for a while.
Then after resting for as long as I could I got up and made my own omelette.
It was huge and full of veggies.
But it was warm and non stingy and I was able to eat it – slowly – it went down well.
Back to bed.
Forgot how late it was until I realised that Azzan was not yet home.
He’d got wrapped up socialising – again!

I stayed in bed, watched reality tv shows on demand and dozed, and felt sorry for myself some more.
Hate being sick.
Feeling really miserable not having Tim to look after me.
He was such a compassionate man, always had a cuddle available which made anything so much better.

Saturday 16th April

We were up at 5am.
Jesika was of the opinion that if she should be awake then everyone should be.
So the kids were both woken to say their goodbyes before we walked out the door.
Doing the goodbye thing last night wasn’t acceptable 😉
I drove her to the airport and dropped her at the main doors to go check in while I navigated the new parking system.
We only had about half an hour to wait before she was called to board.
Goodbyes are so damned hard.
Final blurry eyed early morning selfies showing smiles which were followed by hugs & tears which were only captured in our hearts.
I hate that she is living so far away.
Thanks for coming over Jesika, it has been a very special time.
original_url: 62A27E49-95D6-442E-AD72-BA5E0DBC6612

When I arrived back home everyone was still in bed so I hung out quietly for half an hour.
Then caught up with Nicky for a few minutes before she left around 7am.
I hopped back in my car and went to raid the New World bread specials bin and then stopped off to visit the Saturday market.
It was only 7:45am so the stallholders were still preparing for the day.
I had a lovely visit with Belinda while she was getting her Lav Kokonas stall up.
Did a quick wander round.
Picked up two bags of Marlborough strawberries as this will probably be the last market they are at for this season.
Bought a cherry & chocolate pastry from Don Rodrigo Sourdough Bakery and then grabbed a take out mocha from Blink Micro Cafe as I came through Bank Lane before heading back home at 8am.
I’ve seen the micro cafe there before but never stopped.
He actually does really good coffee, I will be back 🙂
My throat had been a bit sore yesterday but this morning it was feeling worse.
As the day progressed the golf ball of razor blades grew so large I was getting more and more miserable.
Swallowing was getting very painful.
I started taking Vit C and found some pain killers.
Azzan biked off to Tahunanui to work for the morning.
Mahalia went off to work for the morning so I had the house to myself.
I crashed out on my bed in the sun.
I messaged John and asked if he could teach Azzan how to clean cars properly and funnily enough his job today was to clean the limo fleet.
John decided it would be better to learn on a really dirty car so supposed I come round.
Yeah I know my car is dirty – but it is Azzan’s job and he has been slacking lately!!
I dragged myself off my bed and drove back round to Arrow Motels and park it up for the guys to clean.
But beforehand they took a break and had morning tea – strawberries which I had brought with ice cream.
Once Azzan had finished the outside of my car he decided to leave his bike there and come home with me.
He has a bit of a cough and is feeling out of sorts.
I think we are all just incredibly tired.
Its been a long term.

I dropped Azzan & picked up Mahalia and shot down to Office Max to get her science book ordered.
My energy levels were dropping fast so I knew if I parked my car I wouldn’t be going anywhere so decided to get the jobs all done for the day.
Was gutted to find the shop shut 30 mins before we got there.
I was getting worse so when I got home I went straight to bed.
Mahalia told me to stay there tomorrow too.
I am not arguing :-/
I was pretty gutted as I had been planning to go out to celebrate Aaliyah’s first birthday.
Had to can that plan and hope to catch up with them next week.

Mahalia took Caspian for a ‘Jesika walk’ – rowing is off for a month now so she wants to keep her fitness up and Caspian loves the adventure walks Jesika took him on each morning.