Thursday 26th May

I was up at 6am, woke Mahalia at 6:30 as per her request last night.
Then Azzan at 7am.
I got their breakfast and lunches underway.
The sky was absolutely gorgeous at daybreak.

I had a busy day ahead so I decided to go take Caspian for an early walk.
We left just before 8am.
I caught sight of a rainbow above The Grampians.
Then around another corner and I could see the other end of it rising from the port.
It wasn’t till later that I realised there was a double rainbow above the hills.
I was so busy admiring them as I was walking rather briskly with an energetic puppy full of morning bounce, that I didn’t take much notice of the threatening blackness behind them.
It wasn’t until I realised I had left my pager behind (I was supposed to be on at 8am) so I text Jenni to ask her to stay turned on for an extra 15 minutes and she said that it was pouring down in Richmond that I thought maybe I might need to cut my walk short.
Then I felt spits on my face and very quickly they turned into drops which became heavier and heavier.
My walk turned into a run!
I was rather wet by the time I arrived back home.
I peeled off my downie and put it straight into the dryer.
The kids had gone already and Raphael was just leaving.
I put some more wood on the fire and cleaned up the kitchen.

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At 8:30am the tree guys arrived to prune my jacaranda.
They decided to go for it even though the rain was getting rather heavy.
This is what it looked like before they started.
The were soon clambering around in the branch like a couple of monkeys.
Ropes everywhere.
I watched in horror as the branches fell on my garden and I could see their large boots standing amongst my precious shrubs.
But afterwards they cleared it all away and swept up and it was cleaner than before with no damage whatsoever.
Such a relief.
The tree is no looking much better for it’s haircut.
While they were working I had my breakfast and chatted on the phone with Gay & Sandra.
After they had finished the rain stopped and the sun slowly began to appear.
I got in a load of wood and did a few things around the place.
At midday I thought I might just pop up to the hospital before morning visiting hours were over.
I arrived to find Joy, Tony & Phil visiting Jane, John & the cutest wee button of a baby.
Their wee boy had arrived safely yesterday.
So cool.
Jane needed some time alone with the baby so they were about to head off for lunch.
I hadn’t any reason to go home apart from doing the accounts so took the opportunity to spend some time with Joy.
They headed to The Anchor Bar & Grill.
Hadn’t been their before but had heard good things so always happy to trial a new place.
I had a the citrus cured salmon salad – using vodka, dill salt and lemon, served with, leafy greens and herb salad, with glazed beetroot, lemon and dill crème fraiche.
It was nice but I certainly wouldn’t write home about it.
Sam came and went, then Sarah arrived.
And finally John came briefly before heading back to be with Jane.
Tony & Phil drove back to the farm after lunch and Joy stayed with us.
We chatted with Sarah and then had a coffee before leaving.
I brought Joy home here for half an hour.
Then we went back to the hospital, Mahalia came over after school to see Emma so called in to see the baby and Jane.
We didn’t stay too long cuz Joy wanted to go see her granddaughters at their swimming lessons.
I dropped her off at the pool and then took Halia to see Gay for some bioptron treatment before taking her home.
Then back to collect Joy.
It was right on 5pm and the traffic was absolutely jammed all the way up Rutherford Street into Waimea Road so I did a u-turn, shot through the fuel station and tried to get to the hospital up the back roads.
It was quicker but still mental.
I just cannot fathom why the powers that be cannot make some decisions and get the traffic issues sorted.
They have been dithering over the main arterial routes for so long now it is ridiculous!
I left Joy there and came straight back home.
I was now going against the traffic so it was relatively quick.
Azzan was back and getting ready to go to youth group.
Mahalia was asleep on her bed.
I quickly through a site fry of rice and veggies together then split it into two pans so the vegetarians had tofu and we had chicken.
Everyone was happy then 🙂
Azzan went off on his bike keeping his mother happy by wearing his hi-viz gear.
Mahalia had homework – I tried to help her with it but it didn’t really work tonight so I carried on with my own stuff.
While waiting for Azzan to get back I did the dishes and made some muffins.
I have a treasured recipe of Peggy’s which you mix up and leave in the fridge, just baking a few each day as you need them.
I didn’t have any bran so substituted rice flakes – it will be interesting to see how they turn out tomorrow.
On that note it is now way past lights out so that’s all for today!



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