Tuesday 24th May

Another early start to my day.
This time I was up and through the shower and took Caspian for a walk early.
Got back after kids had gone.
Then I zipped into town to do a couple of jobs.
Of course I was far too early and the shops I wanted open at 9am.
I strolled around Morrison Square window shopping until Just Jeans opened so I could exchange Mahalia’s jeans.
She had gone looking for some warmer jeans on Sunday and chosen some fashion statements that were full or rips and tears and holes.
I refused to pay the amount being asked for them as they didn’t fit the bill for warm winter attire.
She went back and looked again and found some more appropriate jeans at a far better price.
I didn’t have time to do any more at that point so went straight to my 9:30am massage appointment.
I have been trying for months to fit one in, but it has just been in the too hard basket to organise one into my schedule.
Then when I finally did the therapist got sick at the last minute so it was cancelled and I couldn’t fit his and my schedule together in the immediate future.
So I booked with my second choice, but as it turned out she was a good choice.
I had a really relaxing session.
She is working to free up my back and shoulders and will work with the treatment that is scheduled – the ultrasound guided injection into the bursa and hopefully also to try and break up the calcifications.
Afterwards I headed to Spotlight to suss out some flannelette sheets for Mahalia.
I found some really cute kids ones and after some texting back and forth decided on the foxes.
Then I went to meet up with Leita for lunch at 1pm.
We went to Paasha and shared a large vegetarian plate.
It was delicious and just the perfect amount.
Afterwards I went to Kathmandu to get some thermals for the kids.
Back home to get some work done.
I put some finishing touches to the baby card I had made over the weekend for a friends baby due this week.
Love the new Tim Holtz teddy stamp that I found in Australia.

I was expecting someone to come see me to quote on a gardening job I need doing.
My shoulder is making it hard for me to do things.
When I answered the doorbell she looked and me and I looked at her!
So funny.
She had been referred to me via a friend of a friend.
I had checked out her website but hadn’t joined any dots and neither had she.
When she arrived and saw my boardwalk she recognised it from her sister’s partners photos so she started joining the dots before I answered the door.
It was Sabina – Marion’s sister.
Marion & Florian who lived here in their van back in the summer and then deserted me by returning to Germany  – causing me much sadness 😦
Sabina lives here and has a gardening business called Garden Affairs Nelson.
Such a crazy small world.
So she is going to come help get my garden tidied and bedded for the winter.
Such a relief to be getting it done.
Azzan went from school to suss out Soundstage with one of his friends.
He loved it.
He was just observing but ended up assisting the director tonight 😉
Mahalia had her cleaning job after school so I worked in the office until they arrived back.
I was in bed and asleep before 9pm.

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