Wednesday 25th May

Sleeping in till 6:55am.
Unheard of lately.
I woke the kids and ripped through the shower.
Crazy thing was that in spite of the lengthy hours of sleep last night I woke in a very fragile state.
Then FB kicked me with a memory post showing Tim’s smiling face.
It was pouring with rain so I offered to take the kids to school.
Scooted them all out to the car just before 8:30am.
Dropped them off and then had a couple of jobs to do before going back home.
Got to Spotlight and had quarter of an hour to wait till they opened so sat and relaxed.
Then the phone rang, the new bank guy was calling to ask some more questions.
I have been dealing with the same advisor ever since we moved to this bank and because he is away sick I have been dealing with another guy who doesn’t know us or our situation.
Having to bring him up to speed has been exhausting at such a stressful time.
He is completely different to deal with and I am not coping with him.
This mornings call just tipped me over the emotional edge :-/
The store was open by now so I zipped in and took the spare sheets back.
Then on to Kathmandu to drop off my sleeping bag.
Now that it was washed and clean they accepted it and will get the zipper repaired.
While I was out I had had a brainwave as to what to do for dinner so came home and immediately got straight on to making a quiche.
I had taken a container of pumpkin soup out of the freezer and used half of it as a replacement for the milk portion of the  quiche.
It worked perfectly.
I then moved both my car and Seb’s truck out of my yard and parked them on the street to make room for the dog groomer’s van.
It was 10am when I finally managed to have my breakfast.
Had barely finished when Seb walked in the door.
I had a few business things to go through with him so we got straight on to those.
Then just as Gay arrived to give Caspian his pre winter groom, Phoebe, Sapphie and Shoshannah arrived too.
Then Sally messaged to say she was in town.
I had planned to meet her for coffee but I couldn’t see myself free in time so I suggested she come here.
The family then went off to do their chores and shopping, and just as Sally arrived the groomer finished the job.
I coulda gone out after all!
Sally had bought scones so I made tea and we sat and took 10 to reclaim our equilibrium.
Then while she was having a look around the garden to see what I’d been doing Glinda arrived.
Sally left and Glinda checked out the places where rodents could potentially be getting in.
Let me with poison to put out and then carried on with her day.
Seb arrived back.
I was feeling rather shell shocked by this point.
I was in ‘not coping with life’ tears so retreated to the sunroom to try and get some gst work done.
I had been intending to spend all morning on it but that idea had very quickly gone out the window.
I decided to not go the complicated perfectionist way that I had been trying to do over the past few weeks and just sat and clicked the coding buttons.
Figured out how I could come back later and add in the invoices etc.
Felt a bit more relieved once I had that much done.
Mahalia arrived back around 5pm.
I left her with dinner instructions.
Popped out and met Azzan in town, picked up a few items at the supermarket and dropped him back home.
Phoebe & Sapphire were here so I zipped in for last minute hugs and cuddles before they carried on with their homewards trek.
I then went and met up with ‘the girls’ at Cafe Affair at 5:30pm.
We had arranged an after work get together time.
It is so good to meet up socially occasionally and forget work.
We got Claire to take some photos of us before we left – sans Trish who had already left for another meeting.
My team mates – they’re a great bunch.
Love them all to bits!
IMG_6992It was a very enjoyable couple of hours.
I headed back home to the kids afterwards.
They were mucking about so I left them to do their homework and get themselves off to bed.
Was in bed quite early but didn’t sleep till late.
I received a very special surprise via email this evening which was incredibly touching.
Brought more tears, this time tears from being loved and appreciated.
Thanks so much Jesika & Evan – I will really enjoy your lovely gift.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 25th May

    • If I don’t blog then I don’t remember what I did yesterday let alone last week!! Not only therapeutic but also essential to my mental wellbeing 😉

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