Friday 27th May

I cannot believe that May is almost over.
That this is the last Friday of this month.
I was up before 6am so had plenty of time to get breakfast and lunches happening.
I baked some muffins from the mix I made up last night.
The beauty of this recipe is that you just bake the amount needed so you don’t have any leftovers going stale.
Not that these would hang around that long anyway, they are just way too good!
Here is the original recipe from my book with alterations and stains of lots of use over the years.
As we are only a small family these days I mixed up a 1/3 of the recipe and that will be enough to last us for quite a few days.
I am sure that many folk around our area will have this recipe in their own collections.
Peggy played such an enormous part in all of our lives as a friend (she had known me since I was born so we had a bond before I even moved here) and our District Nurse for many many years.
She was very much a mother figure to this young girl who found herself living on a very isolated farm with little children.
She really was a life line to me through some pretty hard times.
Twelve years on since she suddenly left us and I still miss her.
I left the kids to get ready for school and took Caspian walking.
Ate one of my muffins as I walked.
After I got back Seb arrived for a business meeting.
Had a good discussion and then I had to zip off to my appointment.
I have been feeling really blah lately with a lot of stuff weighing heavily, and my hair has been making me feel even worse.
So after some deliberation with Hitomi as to what changes I could have bearing in mind that I can’t be bothered with fussing and styling, it has to be a wash and wear style for me,  away she went, snipping happily.
Then after a wonderful head massage I walked out feeling so much better.
She has that effect on me every time 🙂

I raced back home to meet up with Olivia.
Put a log on the fire, left Caspian with a bone to entertain him, and then we walked up to the Sprig for a coffee.
We shared a yummy savoury muffin.
They make them on site and are so fresh & delicious that I have to be really restrained when I come here!
We had a wonderful few hours talking over heaps of stuff.
I think I am going to be very happy working with this lady.
Seb finished his jobs and came to join us which was very beneficial to the proceedings.
He then headed off home and we carried on with our discussion.
At one point it moved from business to personal and I discovered we had more in common that I realised.
It is at times like this you understand why there was a connection to begin with.
You stumble upon common ground, an empathy though shared experiences.
I never planned on an exposure of grief and vulnerability but it tends to have a life of it’s own and appears when least expected and I left the Sprig with tears pouring down my face.
I had forgotten that I had another appointment in town at 2pm so had scheduled Pat to come to do some small jobs for me.
Had to postpone that at the last minute which I felt really bad about.
It was after 1:30pm by now so I quickly raced inside and got myself organised.
Then zipped into town for the meeting.
Was back home by 3pm.
Did a few things but was feeling too restless to settle.
Left a note for the kids who were both busy with after school activities and went up to the hospital to visit Jane.
She was surrounded with visitors but they soon all left so we had a lovely time chatting and I got to have lots of cuddle time with the cutest wee poppet.
Ended up staying with her till closing time at 8pm.
It was raining when I walked out the main doors.
Call into New World and picked up a few items.
Was very glad that Mahalia had left the gate open for me as the rain was getting rather heavy.
They had all eat dinner so I made a salad and heated up some quiche for myself.
Realised I had hardly eaten all day so was quite ravenous.
Azzan did the dishes and got some more firewood in.
I have managed to keep the fire going all day so the house was lovely and warm.


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