Sunday 29th May

I slept in til 7am!!
Thought I might just stay in bed for a while but then got invited out for morning tea so roused myself and hopped through the shower.
Azzan woke late too and disappeared off to church just before 10am.
I had time to quickly through a casserole into the slow cooker before Martin & Sylvia arrived.
We walked up to the Sprig & Fern and enjoyed several hours chatting over coffee and scones.
It was great to catch up on their time away and here about their travels.
Mahalia walked by on her way home so popped in and joined us for scones.
Then questioned eating it by remembering that she and I had planned to fast on Sundays.
Oh well, we can always start a bit later in the day 😉
She went on home to get some things done.
We wandered back a bit later.
After they left I decided to go out to Mitre 10 and Bunnings and see if either place had the towel rails I was wanting.
Really pleased to finally find them in Mitre 10.
Then on the way home I stopped off at the hospital and had a visit with Jane & Archie.
Isn’t this little hand just so beautiful?
Next time we catch up they will be home and he will be bigger cuz they grow like wee mushrooms when you don’t see them on a daily basis!
I arrived back to find Azzan home doing his chores.
Caspian hadn’t yet been walked so I took him out and we had an evening power walk.
I was nicely warmed up on our return.
I had to get the accounts finished so had left Mahalia to do get the dinner cooked.
I spent the rest of the evening getting the problem sorted.
Finally had them all completed and filed somewhere after 10pm.
Now it is time to head to bed.
It is a new week tomorrow and almost the end of the month.
Where on earth did May get to??

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