Monday 30th May

I had a rather late night last night so thankfully slept through till nearly 7am.
Woke the kids soon after, made porridge and then left them all to sort themselves out.
I took Caspian for a walk.
Ended up at Renata’s.
The dogs went mental with each other while we had a good talk.
Both of us needed to unload so it was good.
After dampening her shoulder I left her to get ready for work.
Thankfully everyone was gone when I returned home.
I had time to have some breakfast before heading out again.
Called into the Theatre Royal to book some tickets.

Sent a Happy Birthday message to Eden.
My eldest granddaughter is turning 3 today!!
She is celebrating with Marah’s West Coast family so we will catch up and have another party time soon.

Then made my way across town to Woman Day Spa.
Jesika & Evan had recently given me a wonderful surprise gift.
A voucher for a Woman Signature Treatment.
I had no idea what that really entailed so I showed up this morning for 90mins of pampering.
It was amazing.
It was basically a full body facial – it consisted of a full body sugar scrub, then a marine clay cleanser followed by being encapsulated in a steam bath.
While the steam was doing its thing I was then given a mini facial.
I was then hosed clean, dried off, and moved to the massage table.
The full body massage that followed was bliss.
Afterwards I was invited to continue relaxing in another quiet room on reclining couches with herbal tea.
Oh my goodness!
I could so get used to this.
It was wonderful.
I was wishing I hadn’t made arrangements so soon afterwards as all I wanted to do was sleep.
I couldn’t stay too long so dressed and floated out of there feeling so amazing.
Thank you SO SO much Jesika & Even.
I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I drove home trying to retain the stress freeness for as long as possible.
I had promised to help one of my darlings with some paperwork so made some lunch and ate that whilst we got it all done.
Then afterwards Pat arrived to hang the mirrors.
I helped him get them into the right positions.
We had quite a long talk together before he left.
Raphael arrived home and then took Caspian for a walk to the sea.
It was getting really chilly so I carried in a heap of wood and got the fire lit.
Dinner was bubbling away on the slow cooker so nothing much to do there.
The kids arrived back from school quite late as they had things on.
Mahalia had brought Sam home with her so they could do some homework together.
We had a quick dinner and then I dropped Sam home and took Azzan out for an evening class.
Back home and I then helped him get some homework done.
He kept a close eye on me for most of the time 🙂
Rain set in again just after 10pm.
Definitely time for bed!!

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