Tuesday 31st May

Kids slept late again.
I made porridge and then left them to sort their lunches.
Cooked up the last of the muffins from the fridge mixture.
Went to move the cars and discovered the Nissan had a flat battery.
I was just about to call the AA when Martin called so he came to my rescue

Had some good walks today.
Took Caspian for a 2km walk around several blocks.
Loving the autumn colours, the full busy river rattling loudly over the rocks, the northern sky as I walked back home.

Sabina from Garden Affairs arrived at 10am to tackle my garden.
My shoulder has been too painful to do a lot so I bit the bullet and employed some help.
I left her weeding and spreading mulch.
I took Caspian and walked to the Sprig to meet Penelope.
The sunshine was a bit watery, but warm enough to sit outdoors on the deck.
We had a good catch up, had a lot to discuss.
I headed on back home around midday to do a few things before heading out for another walk at 1pm.
I had bought some towel rails which suction on to the wall so put them up on the outside of the shower.
There is a stupid wasted space between the shower and bath so I wanted to make the most of if it.
I’m really pleased with the results.
Removing the standalone wrought iron towel stand has made so much extra room int eh bathroom now.
Pat hung the mirror yesterday so here is a slideshow of the painting progress of the mirror and the tiles.
The mirror went from shabby chic white to Kitsch.
The tiles went from white and blue to Clotted Cream and Blaze.
No that is all done I am thinking of more creative ways to extend the colours into the room – watch this space 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I walked to meet Bedelia at 7010 Your Local.
We sat outside and caught up over lunch.
Passersby stopped to chat with us, and talk to Caspian.
Cant get away from seeing folk you know in a place like Nelson unless you hide in a dark corner 😉
Afterwards I walked to the Women’s Centre to do some paperwork at work.
Then walked partway back with a lady I met there, stopped off to chat with Glynnie, and then Martin rode past so I hightailed back home to meet him.
He was coming to check on the battery.
The Nissan was starting but he wanted to be sure the battery was fully charged so I parked it close to the house and left it on trickle over night.
Sabina was just leaving as I arrived back.
The garden looks so good now.
Am so grateful for the help today as it was really getting me down.
I have an appointment for my shoulder on 13th June so am really hoping the treatment will help immeasurably and I will be back to gardening without pain again soon.

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The afternoon all of a sudden took a charge for the worse.
It came in very dark and the heavens opened.
It bucketed down for quite a while.
Azzan had gone to the library so was caught there without a raincoat.
I had dinner ready so left the guys to eat and took Mahalia to NMIT so she could have her hair done by one of the students.
I went and picked up a few groceries.
Didn’t have much time remaining so sat in the car, enjoying the warmth and quiet while I waited for her.
Mahalia was pretty rapt with her hair and to spend time with her friends from last year.
We came home and had some dinner.
Mahalia did her homework and I headed to bed.
Not sleeping terribly well, took ages to get to sleep :-/


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