Friday 3rd June

Teachers only day at NCG today so Mahalia was very happy to sleep in.
Azzan however had school and was not at all happy about getting up.
I woke him at 7am.
At 8am he was still in bed.
A 8:20am he was up and asking for a ride to school but I was still in bed so instead wrote him a note just in case he was late.
After he and Raphael were gone Mahalia and I hit the showers.
I barely had time to eat my breakfast before she was telling me we had to leave.
And telling me it was warm enough outdoors to not worry about my jacket.
Yeah right!
There was definitely a chill to the air in spite of the sunshine.
So without my windproof vest and her in her shorts and only 2 layers on top we sped up the road endeavouring to get warm!
We ran and walked fast.
Caspian was enjoying our manic behaviour 🙂
Got to Gay’s and while Mahalia enjoyed some bioptron treatment we chatted and warmed up.
We zipped back home again for lunch cuz a certain person had chosen not to eat breakfast and she was now hungry ;-/
I had my lunch in the sunroom and watched the end of Broadchurch.
Mahalia cleaned the bathroom – she did a wonderful job.
Took her all afternoon but it is now spotless.
I did some meal prep for tomorrow.
Made a slow cooker full of Malai Kofta from The Revive Cafe Cookbook, and a chicken casserole in my smaller slow cooker.
Mahalia made pizza for tonights dinner.
They were immense!
Phoebe, Seb, Sapphie & Shanni stopped by on their way home.
Sapphie is such an entertainment 🙂
They got pizza & chips and joined us for dinner.
Azzan arrived in before dark from his Friday afternoon youth group.
After dinner he started putting his clothes away and tidying his room.
I never took the car out and apart from our morning walk I stayed put all day.
Really good to go nowhere sometimes.
It was actually a good day.
The tidal wave has passed and today I was recovering on the beach.

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