Monday 6th June

I had been awake since about 6am and had been working on my laptop in bed, catching up on my blog and mail etc.
Mahalia & Azzan were up bright an early.
They wanted to get their chores done so they could socialise later.
I stayed in bed a bit longer and was presented with a delicious smoothie for breakfast.
I was planning on spending my day in the office getting paperwork scanned and filed online.
There is always a but :-/
Just before 9:30am my computer crashed.
I did a few restarts but there was nobody home.
Oh Bother said Pooh!
Contacted Ross to get some advice.
Most probably a dead hard drive.
Not the news I really wanted to hear this morning 😦
That threw my day into a tailspin.
I drew Hazuki a map of the area, made sure she was ok, the kids were sorted,  gathered up my laptop and backup HD. Yes!! I actually did have a backup hard drive.
Took Caspian down the street to play with Frankie.
Renata made me a mocha to cheer me up.
Then I left Caspian to play and zipped on out to Richmond.
Had a tour of the new house with Andrea and then Ross got me set up with a loan laptop while he sorts mine out.
I ended up staying longer than anticipated and hanging out with Andrea.
It was 2pm by the time I left so raced back to collect Caspian.
Everyone was out when I got back.
Not for too long though.
The students arrived in from a walk.
Hazuki needed to get her phone connected to a NZ server so I zipped her off to try an get that done later in the day.
Mahalia was just returning from the movies as we left.
Discovered that shops were shut because of the Queen’s Birthday holiday today so came straight back home.
Mahalia made pizza and roast potato for dinner with stir fry.
I got the fire going and brought in a barrow load of firewood.
Emptied all the clothes out of the garage just as Azzan was returning home so he took them to sort out.
Dinner was delicious.
Quiet night in for everyone.
Have been feeling rather fragile today.
Been managing to contain it, but a few times I felt like I was about to get swamped by waves again.
Just keeping my head above them so far.








2 thoughts on “Monday 6th June

  1. Hi Raewyn, I used to follow your blog but lost contact several years ago. I always enjoyed reading about your life and family, and thought I would like to visit your country someday. I’m in Indiana US. Anyway I thought about you recently so thought I should try to reconnect. Not sure if you are still blogging, or if this will even get to you, but fingers crossed, Hope you are all doing well, and staying safe.

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