Sunday 5th June

While I was having my breakfast I painted this quirky bird and made a card for a special cousin.
It is his bday today 🙂
It was Mahalia’s idea to put the moustache on to imitate his one 🙂
The kids decided to stay home this morning so I left them to finish the cleaning up.
I headed out to Richmond.
Stopped in to wish David a Happy Birthday.
Had a quick catch up with him, Sasha & Arielle and then headed off out to Ruby Bay.

I arrived at Jester House at midday,  Claire and crew pulled in a moment later.
She had Beverley visiting her for the weekend.
The three of us are all involved in LifeBook 2016 so Claire had invited me to join them today for the annual Ruby Bay Art Trail. All the tables were reserved but they found one we could use for a quick morning tea.
Afterwards we wandered the grounds.
Riley & Bree had fun climbing the new ‘tree hut’.
It was a bit of a challenge to get up and down from it but the two of them managed it with the tenacity and fearlessness that kids have.
Riley had age and length on his side so was able to jump down and was soon heading up again to figure out a different exit strategy.
Beverley lent her shoulders to assist Bree on her way down 🙂

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A lovely day and a very creative setting for family and group photos.

I wanted to visit Jane Smith’s studio so we zipped back up the  road.
She was away but her lovely husband welcomed us.
I have loved her paintings for years and would so love to own one.
I was very restrained and just bought a card with a print that I liked which will suffice – for now 😉
We popped into JointWorks Studio which is just down the road and had a lovely time admiring & being tempted by Jane Clark’s delicious weavings and being entertained by Tony Clark.
Didn’t have too much time to dally so need to return to check out his furniture.
We then zipped over to Kina Peninsula to Playing With Fire.
Darryl Frost was just opening his kiln.
He has been enduring very cold nights and wet days and a flood throughout the process so was very happy to finally start the cooling process.
We had fun exploring his sculpture garden before leaving.

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Had to get one last photo of the three of us before leaving.
Claire, myself and Beverley.

I was running out of time so zipped down the coast road to Mapua and had a few minutes at Michael Potter’s place.
I bought a lovely black bowl from him,  said my farewells to the crew and raced off to the airport.
Typical that when you leave the leaving to the last minute you get stuck behind Sunday drivers that truck along at barely 80km!
I made it to the airport 5 minutes after the landing time so raced in and found our Japanese student Hazuki waiting for me.
I was in and out of the terminal in a flash!
For the first time since the new parking restrictions have been implemented I was able to make use of the free 15min parking 🙂
We came straight home and I got Hazuki settled in.
Later on I took her with me to the supermarket and showed her around the city.
Got back in time to light the fire before my cousin Joel popped in for a visit.
Had a good catch up with him and then after he departed all of the household were back home so we had dinner.
My slow cookers were doing a great job so dinner was pretty easy 🙂

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