Hi, my name is Raewyn and I have been publishing this blog since May 2006 (originally published as http://rabbits-nest.xanga.com).

I am passionate about my art – collage, altered books, journals, rubber stamping, card making, etc…
I love reading a wide range of literature – especially enjoy historical fiction, biographical works and enjoy watching movies of all kinds but especially period dramas.

But this blog is about neither art nor books but the other greater passions of my life: my family and the farm on which we live in the picturesque Port Ligar, New Zealand.

On our farm we raise sheep, cattle, shell-fish (mussels) and children!  Ten of them have been raised here on the sunshine and fresh air, all of them home-educated by yours-truely predominantly from preference but also due to the practical necessity of living in a remote, isolated situation.

I am still teaching 3 of those children.

Between all that, running several family based companies and managing a household, accommodating wwoofers and helpers I somehow find the time to run tourist accommodation from our home here in the Marlborough Sounds.

My life has been stretched, summersaulted, flipped upside down and torn apart during the past year when the love of my life for over 40 years, my best friend, father of our 10 children, and Poppo to our 3 precious granddaughters, my husband of 34 years 3 months and 2 weeks was tragically killed in a car accident on February 18th 2013. He joined our precious grandson Cypress who raced him to heaven’s doors just 16 days earlier and our 4th child who has been with Jesus since 13.10.84

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Raewyn have just put your new blog/journal into my favourites, pretty technical for me really…. Funnily enough while I was doing that Graeme rang Grant to talk about the wetback. What Grant would like to do is come down for a weekend so he can sus it out and then come back with all the right stuff to fix it. He hates trying to diagnose problems over the phone. So let me know a time that suits, love Ella xxx Ps love the photos of Eden, my Eden thinks it is very cool that they share a name

  2. How can I continue to read your blog – it is password protected and I don’t know the password – have loved reading your blog

  3. Hello Raewyn. I have been reading your blog since around the time Tim died and now I find it is password protected. I too have been dealing with grief after a ghastly road accident and then earlier this year my brother died very suddenly from an unexpected heart attack.
    I also enjoy your blog posts as my daughter-in-law is home-schooling our 5 year old grandson.
    I fully respect your decision to make your blog private but I do miss reading along and seeing your great photos.
    Warm wishes

  4. Hi Raewyn – lovely to see that you have moved into your house and settling in – might get a chance to meet you now you are in town

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