Thursday 19th

Well, life just doesn’t seem to stop here – it feels like a continuous roller coaster sometimes! I don’t seem to be able to get ahead with my office work and I still haven’t made Anson’s birthday card. Brianna has been busy building her decking, there has been lots of noise and loud music coming from the back door area – think she nearly has it complete which is great. That was her mission for this trip home.

The weather at the moment is really changeable – typical spring stuff. But the wind is getting rather tedious. It is drying out the land something shocking. Makes the bay very interesting – it is never boring, always different colours with wind whipping up waves and whilly-whirls zipping here and there, depending on the wind direction.

Tim took the crew out in the boat yesterday morning to get some scallops, it was really scuddy and after they left it got worse. But they got a few and were happy

Anson & Angus shot a hind while out spotlighting the night before so had to butcher it. Nice to have a little venison again – we have missed having our hunter home. The freezer used to be full of venison and wild pork but while Anson has been away it has been very lean.

We are getting prepared for Anson’s 21st birthday party, so there has been lots of food arriving and getting prepared and sorted. Nuana and Jesika were hard at it yesterday morning although today will be the busiest day as we get all the main stuff done. Only so much you can do earlier, most has to be prepared at the last minute so as not to spoil. The guys started cleaning out the woolshed yesterday too so today we will get it finished and hopefully the decorations will stay up and not blow about too much. The little girls have made banners and a friend has located some Southern Man posters and I will get the guys to blow balloons – should be a lot of fun.

Cat and Nate have adopted a baby possum, it is very cute and a good size so he should survive.
They are feeding it with an eyedropper and it is living in Star’s old bird cage – we seem to have an ongoing menagerie here these days!

Last night Jesika came over for dinner, Nathan (Herb) arrived back in with all the vegetables and buns – so there were 15 around the table for dinner – quite a squeeze but lots of noise and fun.
From the front in clockwise order is Anson (with his back to me), Cat, Angus, Seb (sporting his new hairstyle), Brianna, Shitoshi, Nuana, Shoshannah, Tim, Nathan (well, he was there before I clicked the shutter!) Nathan (Herb), Jesika, Phoebe (she came up from Chch with Brianna, she is part of the family Bri has adopted or who have adopted Bri), Mahalia (sporting a large lump on her head, she met the piano leg with great velocity just before dinner – ouch!).
Anson was cheeking me a lot so I managed to sneak some water down the back of his shirt – not often I can get one up on him! I did pay for it though – tomato sauce all over my kumara while I wasn’t looking – yuck!

After dinner Jesika and Brianna were having a jam session on electric piano and electric guitar and then the power went off – again!!! So Tim lit the candles and they changed to flute and guitar and we spent an enjoyable evening chatting around the candle light. Nice and relaxing.
Tim went to settle Azzan down and never came back. I thought he had just gone off to bed. However, when I went up later on to tuck the little ones in I found him sound asleep on the bed beside Azzan and Shannie. The power came back on just as we were hopping into bed. I am really praying that it doesn’t go off tomorrow night when we have over 70 extras here.

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