Sunday 29th September

Daylight savings has begun again.
I woke up at 4am and changed the clock in my room.
Read for a while and then slept on till around 7am.

Sunday morning began like a real Spring day should.
It was calm, warm and sunny.
So after my spa I ditched my socks and slippers and my jersey and found some lighter clothes and dug out my jandals from the cupboard.
Got busy in the study sorting out stuff as we will be leaving home in a few days and I don’t want to leave a mess behind.
There will be enough of a ‘mess’ of paperwork to come home to after nearly a month away.
That is daunting enough to want to cancel my tickets ;-/
I had to have a serious talk with Azzan & Mahalia.
So that changed the mood of the morning a tad.
Azzan came back to see me later and was debating the purpose of life.
He was in one of his morbid moods again.
Life is not worth living stuff.
So I told him my views and said he was not going to change mine & he was quite able to make up his own mind without trying to change mine, and that if he wanted to debate it all he would have to find someone different as I had a headache just even contemplating it all!
He is really heavy going when he gets his intense moods on.

Down the track a couple of hours, the day had changed and it got quite cool again and by lunch time it was decidedly chilly.
Seb was out checking mussels and taking samples before heading to town.
Anson was off hunting with Jonny.
They got a couple of pigs so were very happy.
Josh, Kate and the boys zoomed in in their boat around midday.
My we are having a social weekend 🙂
It was lovely to have them here for a catch up time.
Azzan got the lego bin down for Nathan & Ryan to play with but I think they were more entertained by him and his juggling sticks.
I made a large dish of macaroni cheese – added feta, sun dried tomatoes, silver beet and parsley.
It was the absolute best I have ever made, and it got devoured 🙂
Jesika made cheese toasties and we had plenty of couscous from the previous day.
Nathan & Ryan had made a tray of brownie which went down very well for dessert – thanks boys 🙂
We got both fires cranked up as it was too cool so we got the house lovely and cosy.
So cosy that Jonny spent most of the arvo like this!
I figure that is what holidays & Sunday afternoons are about – esp when you have been burning the midnight oil and doing lots of hunting etc during the days 😉
He was out to it for several hours.P1080942
I was weary so once Josh & Kate went off with Anson & Marah to visit The Croft I got my book and stretched out by the fire beside Jonny.

Madeline came round to see Mahalia.
They were rather overjoyed to see each other – it’s been a while since the kids have been up here.
Then George & Oliver appeared.
They had kayaked up.
Louisa walked around to visit.
I got my knitting out and got heaps done while we talked.
In fact I am now up to casting off the hood – just have to google how to do it as they are talking some sort of knitting gibberish that I cannot understand!
They say to use kitchener stitch or the three-needle bind-off technique.
For a basic knitter like me that is totally foreign language – thank goodness for online tutorials!

Very soon the kids were all swimming, spa pooling, swimming and back to the spa – many times over.
Totally mental – the sea is so cold!
And each time Louisa tried to get a photo they would all yell ‘Photo!’ and quickly turn to face the opposite direction 🙂
P1080944 IMG_3895
They had loads of noisy fun and were all like a jar of pickled prunes by the time they eventually got themselves dried and dressed.

Mahalia had made a pen on the lawn for Olly but it was too small and he was going absolutely psycho – racing around getting really upset and tearing up the lawn, so I had to call her up to let him go.
He took off up the hill like a scalded dingo!!

The boys headed home in their kayak before it got too late.
The other kids went off to play up in Pine Huts.
Louisa stayed until it was almost dark and then rounded up her chick and headed home.
All this time Shoshannah was in her room talking on phone or doing whatever 16 year old girls do in their rooms 😉
She wasn’t into swimming etc!

We had left overs for dinner.
Too tired to think any further than that, and there were plenty to use up.
Crashed into bed around 9pm.
Which yesterday was actually 10pm so no wonder we are tired.
I am having real trouble during the waking and drifting off to sleep hours.
I curl up on my side of the bed and try to not think of the empty space behind me, but my body won’t listen.
My stomach is just knotted up, my limbs won’t stop moving or get comfortable and I’m feeling so restless and anxious.
During the day the restlessness is there but not so apparent as I can keep busy.
But at night in bed it is the worst time 😦

Saturday 28th September

A beautiful sunny day.
Another early morning.
Realised that over 4GB of my internet data had disappeared in 2 days so after Jesika commented that there was no way that we could’ve used that much I called up Vodafone.
The Ninja guy was really helpful.
He set up a test for me so I spent the morning running each of the computers separately so he could monitor them.
We text back and forth while the test was running.
Then he called me with the results.
Turned out that the kids computer used over 700MB while it was just sitting doing nothing whereas mine used next to nothing.
Have to get the computer seen to and find out what is going on in the background!

Got moving in the kitchen as we had visitors arriving.
Shoshannah cut up potatoes and boiled them for a salad.
I made cheese scones & got a couscous salad under way and delegated the potato salad to Jesika to make.

We did a bit of tidying to try and get the kitchen back into some semblance of order as the painting in there is pretty much finished.
I sorted through all my large serving dishes and decided which ones to keep and what to give away.
Jon Paul washed them all and then we rearranged them.
Not so much weight up on the top shelf now 🙂

Isaac & Kerry arrived with Kate, Zac & Madi at 11am.
Isaac pitched in and helped Jon Paul with the dishes.
The kids all milled around getting to know each other.
Azzan was busy sorting out all the playing cards but I persuaded him to take them out doors to explore while we got lunch ready.

Kerry had brought pork ribs to cook so with them and the salads and scones we had a feast.

Mahalia took the kids fishing.
They did ask Azzan, but as he hates fishing I deferred that request 😉
They had a lot of fun catching spotties.P1080920
Mahalia cut them up for the cats lunch.


We sat around the table and talked the afternoon away.
Seb & Phoebe arrived over and joined us for lunch just before we all finished.
Phoebe found the couch more comfy and joined Azzan for an arvo rest  🙂P1080930

Azzan and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside where all noisy kids should be 😉
Isaac & Kerry decided they really needed to hit the road home sometime around 5pm.
It took a while to round up all the kids.
They finally headed up the road around wish.
Seb & Phoebe went home too.
I left Jesika and the kids to organize dinner and hopped in my truck and headed round to see Marah & Eden.
We sat and talked for a while before Anson finally got home from work.
Had some serious stuff to talk about.
He had some Dad time with his wee girl and then went out to do his dogs.
I helped Marah shower Eden and then we had a tour of her bedroom.
It is all so cute and pink & purple.
These are the letters I gave her that match her curtains .P1080934
And this is the really cool wall Marah painted for her decorated with some wee Buzzy Bees she was given.

Jonny arrived and sat outside having a drink and chat with Anson.
I decided around 7:30pm that I should head back home.
The kids were watching a movie and had waited to have dinner with me which I wasn’t expecting.
I had a lot weighing on my mind so wasn’t great company.
The kids were all sparking on full cylinders which was good, but I had spent the previous hour in tears so just wasn’t feeling up to joining in.
Jesika had cooked the chicken really nicely so we had that with the leftover salads from lunch and a fruit crumble with ice cream.
Jonny arrived back as we were finishing and had his.
I headed straight off to bed as I was really weary.
Emotional drained as well as body tired.
Took a while for my body to unwind from the stress so I read for a few minutes until the book hit the floor!
Seems to be doing that a lot lately.


Friday 27th September

Well, I think I have finally figured out how to get to sleep later in the mornings.
Don’t have any afternoon Nana naps and stay up until 1am.
Then you get to sleep in till 7am!!

Cat & Leeann left at 5am to sail back to Mana.
It was flat calm and glorious out there.
They did the trip in 6.5hours – fastest time ever.

Jonny carried on with some painting.
Kitchen is looking so fresh and clean now.

Azzan was playing bananagrams with Jesika.
I must say her imagination re spelling certainly was entertaining 🙂IMG_3889

Jesika made a delicious coleslaw for lunch.
I put on a fresh loaf of bread and reheated the Iraqi rice and lunch was all done.
Syth drove Alan around for a visit and brought focaccia bread – yum.
We had a lovely time chatting, reminiscing with Alan.
He told a story that I had completely forgotten about Anson when he was just a wee tacker.
Alan was bringing in a bus full of school kids from a town field trip and had picked Anson up from my parents place in Renwick.
Alan reckoned he was about 4 – so no wonder I can’t remember it!!
Apparently Anson curled up on the luggage tray and slept the whole way down.
Anneke and her kids were on board too and she covered him up with the kids spare jackets.
When they got to the French Pass turnoff I was still down the hill visiting with Lizzy and someone else had come to pick up Anson and the rest of the kids from down that way.
Alan looked around and couldn’t find Anson.
He had seen I wasn’t there and had began plodding off down the hill in his wee work boots towards home!

We showed Alan the photo book from Jesika & Evan’s wedding last year that he attended.
We watched the movie Bri made of the day.
Hearing Tim speaking always brings everyone to silence momentarily.
Took this lovely photo of Alan with Jesika before they left.

The other day, when I was reporting the harassment calls, I was told I would be put in touch with Victim Support.
So yesterday I get a call from a guy at VS and I immediately assumed it was about the calls.
But no.
It was in relation to Tim’s accident.
I was already upset over something else so was not in a good frame of mind to be speaking with him.
I asked him what he could do to help after all this time?
He had no answers.
All he could say was that if I lived closer and could come in it would be easier.
What a cop out!
Easier for who?
I left it that I would call him if I wanted to.
Anyway, moving on.
Today I received a call from a local VS lady (in a different office to the other guy – because of our location we seem to fall between the cracks :-/ ) re the phone calls.
When we began talking and she found out that we had received no follow up calls after the accident until the one yesterday she immediately apologized, was extremely understanding and supportive and said she would do some investigation and see what they could do to help us all.
So we shall see what she comes back with.
I have absolutely no idea how VS works and what they are able to provide and the first guy was of no help to me at all.
I am angry because there are a lot of upset, angry, damaged & hurting people due to Tim’s death, who could’ve benefitted from support months ago.

Have been having phone contact with the police guy who assisted in Tim’s recovery per another matter.
He sounds a nice guy.
Would like to meet up with him sometime.
Have finally got Tim’s clothes back.
I had no idea where they were until last week.
They are all wrapped up in bags and plastic so you cannot see inside.
I cannot open the package yet.
But it is enough knowing they are back home with me.

Jon Paul & Jesika drove over to Waterfall Bay to hang out and help Phoebe & Seb.
Seb & Graham had been working on the Tardis all day trying to get the electrics etc up to speed.
Phoebe was cleaning the Lodge and finding it rather difficult in her roundish state so was glad to have Jesika to help her.

It was nice to have just us 4 here for dinner.
We decided to make it very simple and just fired up leftover potato, heated up some other leftovers, opened a can of baby beetroot and grated cheese over the top of it all.
Then Shoshannah & I watched Part 2 of Mark Gungor’s relationship dvd.
The other two consider that it is too old for them to be bothering with it so they opted out.
Azzan wasn’t feeling well so he went off to bed, but didn’t settle easily.
Mahalia watched a kids movie on the computer.
I went to sleep at the end of the dvd and was very quick to shut the house down and go to bed.
I was reading my book when Azzan came in for a cuddle.
He seems to be getting a lot of upset tummies and is having trouble sleeping  and is having nightmares.
I think it might be time to get some help for him.

Vaguely heard Jesika come in through my dreams much later.

Thursday 26th September

I was up really early again.
Went out to have a spa and found I had forgotten to turn the power back on!
Yesterday when the power was flashing on and off all day I turned off  the spa to protect the electronics, so it was fairly tepid.
Shut the lid and headed to a hot shower instead.
Decided it was a good day to strip my sheets for the wash so I could remake with my new electric blanket.
I had picked it up a few weeks ago on special for $25 so decided to replace my old one that has served us well for far too many years without a safety check – which would be costing me $40!

Cat collected up some flotsam and jetsam which floated in during the storm.
Unfortunately most of it was Phil’s dinghy from next door.
It had escaped and been blown our way and gotten smashed up 😦

Seb spent the first part of the day working on the Tardis.
There is quite a lot of things that he needs to get sorted, so he is trying to get it all done so he can get back to work next week.

Jonny was up bright and early attacking the kitchen walls with paint.
You can tell he’s a pro by how he approaches the job and by how at home he is perched on top of the ladder 🙂P1080872

I had lots to do in the study so got busy sorting paper work and getting caught up on things I couldn’t do during the past few days while on limited and then no internet.
New month began this morning so we were all hard at it!
Azzan had GO at 9am so he got his breakfast sorted and then skyped his teacher – probably for the last time as he is wanting to finish now.
He has been attending these classes for several years now and has now moved beyond them.
He then did some MathsBuddy – it is really good as he is not satisfied with only attaining a gold award at the end of each lesson, he wants the platinum!
So he goes over each lesson and worksheets as many times as is required to ensure he gets enough 100% to qualify 🙂
Hence he is getting loads of practice:-)
Jesika then got caught up on her emails etc too.
We still have a few wedding invoices etc to sort out which is happening slowly – can’t rush these things!
Mahalia went round to help Marah with Eden and housework for an hour or so then they walked back here.
I printed off a heap of photos for Marah while Mahalia babysat.
Then look who woke up and came to visit Nonna!!IMG_3875 IMG_3876

Eden has taken to stuffing her thumb and as many fingers as she can into her mouth and munching on them – sometimes so many that she chokes herself!
Funny wee girl 🙂IMG_3883
Went out to see how the painting was coming along and found the crew hard at it.
P1080875 P1080880
The boss was taking a rest in the sunshine and getting to know Tinga, who for once was not in an attacking mood.
Jesika was busy making muffins in the midst of all the chaos for afternoon tea.
Shoshannah made a huge pot of Iraqui Rice for lunch but not a lot got eaten.
She has also made a start on her Correspondence English course.
I did some art work, am fiddling around with a collage, will have to see how it works out.
Just need to potter a bit as it is nearly 8 months since I have done any and I am feeling a bit blah about it.
Not much mojo but I know to regain that I have to just edge my way back into it again with a bit of play.

Seb & Phoebe came round for arvo tea to see Cat & Leeann as they are leaving tomorrow.
It was so lovely sitting out in the sunshine after all the went dreary weather we have recently had.
Phoebe bought round some cinnamon pinwheels to add to the muffins – yummy 🙂P1080889

Cat, Leeann, Jesika, Shoshannah & Jon Paul went off hunting.
Seb didn’t go as he was planning to head home to do more work on the Tardis.
However we sat and talked some more.

And then Anson arrived back from his day at work mustering for our neighbors Scott & Georgie.
It was after 6pm so I threw some food on and Seb & Phoebe stayed and had dinner with Azzan, Mahalia & me.
Boiled potatoes, sausages and lettuce salad – soooo good.
The hunters got Iraqui rice and leftover casserole and were so hungry they were more than happy with that.
It was actually rather nice to have just a small contingent around the table after all the busyness.
Poor Phoebe is getting very large and uncomfortable now.
She has 11 weeks left so is a tad worried where her baby is going to fit!!
I think some home help from certain young sisters-in-law might be in order soon 😉

We were finished dinner when the hunters returned.
Happy with their expedition – they got two deer.
Shoshannah got this one – well actually she and Cat both shot it but they don’t know which one killed it so Shanni is claiming the honour 😉IMG_3887
Jesika had lots to tell Evan tonight as they haven’t talked since he left NZ 8 days ago.
So she scoffed down her dinner and raced off to Skype with him.
That involved doing battle with two internet systems which were both malfunctioning :-/
Seb & Phoebe finally headed off home sometime after 9pm.
We cleaned up and said our goodbyes to Cat & Leeann as they plan to leave at 5am.
I had not had time to remake my bed earlier.
I was totally exhausted so was very happy to accept Jesika’s offer of help.
Jesika and I have made one or two plans as to what to do and where to go on our road trip north.
Most of it will be just following our noses and sussing it out daily as we go.
So I have spent some time today sussing out accommodation for our night in Wanganui.
Finally found a motel at a good location and price tonight so I can now head off to bed.
I am looking forward to falling into fresh clean sheets warmed by the new electric blanket 🙂

Wednesday 25th September

The south easterly storm was still pounding in here today.
I took my book outside and sat in the spa with the cold tempestuous wind whirling about my head.
It is just the absolute best way to enjoy a spa.
The power has been fluctuating on and off since last night.
I finally called Marlborough Lines around lunch time and found they already knew about it and had a team on the ground trying to find the problem.
It finally was fixed just before dinner time.

Azzan & I decided Jesika needed to learn how to play Monopoly Deal.
She had her mind elsewhere when we began but we soon discovered she is a merciless player!
I still won though 😉

I tried to do some stuff in my art room throughout the day but have just felt really restless so didn’t make a lot of progress.
Joanna came up for a chat.
It has been really lovely having time to get to know her and the family.
We will miss them when they head back to Paraguay.
Mahalia & I are starting to save for our tickets over to visit them in the not too distant future 🙂

Jesika went off for a walk and spent the arvo with Eden & Marah.
Out of the blue I received a series of rather harassing phone calls & texts.
I took advice and called the police, they are now handling the situation.

Joanna & Frankie were wanting to leave after lunch so the girls were all hard at it making the most of their last hours together.
Mahalia & Melanie were busy in the bedroom making friendship bracelets.
Resigned sadness at the impending parting was hanging heavily in the air of the room.
Shoshannah & Nicky were exchanging addresses etc.
Lots of girl giggling from that quarter.
It took quite a while to round up the girls as they were milking every last moment of their time together.
Finally just before 3pm we managed to prise them out the door for their last farewells.
P1080841 P1080845

I was so tired I went to bed to read my book for a while and ended up going to sleep.
The early morning starts are telling on me physically plus I am just feeling really emotionally flat and drained most of the time, so by lunch time I am no good for anything much.
Anson took the kids out to load firewood.
Jonny wanted to help out so we decided to make the most of his professional skills and asked if he could paint the kitchen with the paint that Bri had brought up from Chch for me.
No problem!
So the paint buckets were opened, discussion had as to the colours and action began immediatley!

The walls and shelves were cleaned off and stuff was stacked on the sofa and on the lounge and my bedroom floors.
It all looked rather naked minus the pictures.
Cat went round and filed in holes and Leeann pulled out nails & bogged all the holes etc.
P1080850Jon Paul cleaned down the walls and ceilings, then he disappeared off to help Anson with firewood.
Cat started painting.P1080848

Sebastian arrived back in Tardis just before dark.
The hull has been cleaned and repainted, the props touched up and along with a following tide and wind he travelled home at 8.5 knots!!
Reckon he could clean up Oracle with half a chance 😉

Thankfully dinner was pretty much ready so it didn’t matter that the kitchen was in an uproar again.
After dinner Mahalia brought out her very large bag of nail polish collection and proceeded to paint Jesika’s nails.
Jonny decided it looked like fun and soon we were all joining in and were sporting a variety of colours on our nails.
Being a professional painter he had to anywise the colors and types of varnish/paint as he applied the layers 🙂
P1080854 P1080857
Fun 🙂P1080863


Tuesday 24th September

I woke before 6am to a cold southerly pounding the beach.
Took my book out to the spa and read while I heated my blood!
Then once I was dressed I decided to attack my art corner.
As I worked away at clearing stuff that had been piled on top of my desk over the past months the tears began welling up and soon I could barely see what I was doing.
The silence in the living room was overwhelming.
Tim’s presence in the kitchen was the one normal of the day.
He would always be pottering away out there, getting the fires lit, making porridge, feeding the cats, and when all that was done he would sit at the table reading his Bible and eat his breakfast.
He would happily share that time with whoever woke early enough.
He always loved me having my creative corner in the living room.
He hated it if I moved it out to another room cuz he missed having me there.
We had our own space within our shared space.
I would often sit and work at my art table and we would chat across the room.
This morning it was so quiet, for several hours I was just there on my own.
It just didn’t feel right.
I wasn’t depressed or being morbid.
I was just plain missing Tim’s company.
I cried, and cried as I sorted and cleaned.
Several hours later the family began surfacing one by one, my tears had dried and the day carried on as usual.
In a ‘normal’ sort of way.
Just another ‘normal’ sort of day.

Jon-Paul went off with Anson to check the possum line.
Couldn’t figure what I wanted to eat for breakfast so I made date scones.
The girls were making the most of their last day together.
Melanie & Mahalia appeared and made waffles.
Joanna came up to chat so I sat and knitted until midday when she went back to make lunch for her crew.
Jesika went off for a walk.
Azzan was not feeling the best.
He has been randomly vomiting.
So I decided he should have a day off food to give his tummy a rest.
He wasn’t at all impressed with that idea!
I found this note on my desk a bit later 🙂
We suggested he had a couple of dry crackers.
Found out later he had half a box with cheese and tomatoes on top.
No sympathy from us after that!!
I went to bed for a sleep.

At 5pm decided to get up and make dinner.
I had taken out two bags of beef.
Made up a stew in the slow cooker for tomorrow.
Shoshannah & Nicky helped with veges.
They cut up pumpkin & parsnip to roast.
Filled the steamer with chopped silver beet and a did a pot of potatoes.
Cat arrived down so I asked her to do the steak.
It said it was frying steak but it was rather large chunks so she cut it smaller and quick fried it.
The meat is a bit tough so really needs long slow cooking.
It was already to serve soon after 7pm.
I left them all to it and headed up the hill to meet Sandra.
She had picked up Shoshannah’s birthday laptop and bought it in for me.
The wind was really fierce up the top so I had to tuck the Regulus in against the western side of the bank.
It was too scary sitting on the ridge top exposed to the savage gusts.
When Sandra arrived I hoped in with her and we sat and talked.
Not too many places where you can park in the middle of the road and not worry about blocking other traffic!
It was really good to have some quiet peaceful one on one time to talk without interruption.
Sandra and family have had a very worrying time with their newest grandson.
He has been extremely sick in hospital so she has been staying over in Wellington with his parents for the past 10 days.
He has now thankfully turned the corner and is making positive progress, enough that she felt happy to come home.
We chatted in the dark up there for a while, the vehicle was being buffeted by wind and rain.
It was a really wild night.
Figured at about 8:30pm we both should head homewards.
Dinner was over when I got back but mine was waiting on the wood stove.
I sat and talked with Cat, Jesika & Jon Paul while I ate.
Then after the girls went off to bed Jon Paul and I talked some more.
So good to have him back after all these years.
He made himself at home in the kitchen straight away 🙂

Monday 23rd September

Woke at 5-ish and thankfully was able to sleep for another hour.
Crept out and showered and dressed at 6:30am.
Lovely to see the sunrise pushing through the remnants of the storm clouds.
Saw the Tardis approaching soon after so I zipped down and woke Molly.
Sebastian was anxious to be in his way as he had to be in Havelock around midday to catch the tide at the slipway.
It feels such a fleeting visit, but it has been great.
Certainly doesn’t feel like 10 years has passed since Molly first came to stay with us.
I got some breakfast together for her to take on the boat and walked down to the wharf to say goodbye.
I was walking in front of her and was just about to take a step down the beach steps when I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye and I turned to see what it was and I stumbled and twisted my right knee.
It was Cat following behind us!
She hopped on board with Skip to help Molly down, so we grabbed a photo opportunity.P1080815

And off they go.P1080818
As I crouched down to take this photo I realized I now have two damaged knees.
Such a total pain!
They are both really sore, especially when I bend them to squat down or stand up from sitting.
The wisteria is just coming into bloom.
I have never had this much blossom on the vines before.
It is going to be stunning in a day or three.

Jesika & Shoshannah went off for a walk.
Anson came round to sort out some papers.
I then made some phone calls for him while he went off to do some stock work.
Mahalia & Melanie have been hanging out all day, changing clothes and taking photos – as you do when you are 13!
I went to bed and read my book and dozed for a while before lunch.
Shoshannah made pies for her and Jesika.
Then they came in to talk with me.
I am really struggling with the strain of parenting right now.
It feels like I have spent my whole entire life for my children and I still have years ahead of me.
But doing it alone is damned hard and I just want to run away from all the conflicts and stresses at the moment.
I know I can’t.
I have to be the responsible one.
But actually all I feel like doing is copying Eden and having a hissy fit – blah, there, I’ve said it, got it off my chest.
Now I can go sit in my corner!
Jesika went off with Anson and I decided to make myself a pie for lunch but had to make the pastry first.
Started watching the dvd ‘Trade of Innocents’ while eating my pies.
Such a gut wrenching movie.

Azzan has had a pajama day.
He spends a lot of time with his juggling sticks.
I never realized how good he was at it until I tried to do it myself 😉
He and I played hangman for a while.
Marah popped in for a few minutes with Eden.
She was sound asleep so we were able to talk for a wee while.
Then she woke and was blowing bubbles – cute 🙂
I gave them the cot quilt – Marah loved it.
I had showed it to Anson in the morning. I sorta think he liked it too.
Marah made a run for it before she got revved up and wanted a feed.

Phone was finally fixed this arvo.
Looks like lightening had blown one of our phones plus several of Seb & Phoebe’s.
So we are on the look out for some more of the ‘old fashioned’ plug in phones.
If anyone has one or three they don’t want please keep us in mind.
The cordless ones are useless here because they do not work during a power cut, of which we tend to get quite a few!

Made stuffed sausages for dinner.
Azzan peeled & cooked the potatoes.
I used up a few odds and sods of veges that had been left over/behind, a leek, aubergine, cauli and brussel sprouts – cut them up and brought to boil then tipped over a couple of cans of tomatoes.
It was quite tasty & went well with the sausages.

Jon Paul arrived at dinner time.
He actually arrived on the farm much earlier in the arvo but met Anson & Jesika and went off with them.
They were helping Graham get his tractor from Bulwer and then setting some possum traplines.
It is about 15 years since Jon Paul lived with us for the year.
And the first time he has been back.
Great to see him again and great to see him looking so good.
Lots of talk and memories over dinner.
He and Anson went off hunting after dinner.
I went to tuck down my kids and found Nicky still with Shoshannah watching a movie and Mel & Mahlaia bunked down together in Mahalia’s room.
Azzan is back in his own bed now Molly has gone – he has just been vomiting again tonight.



Sunday 22nd September

Another early waking for me.
It was a fickle sort of day.
The weather still not making up its mind as to what it was doing.
I didn’t have a great morning.
Was feeling emotionally flat and was really struggling.

It has been nice to see the lego down and being used.
Albeit briefly.
Jesika, Molly, Nicky & Shoshannah decided to walk to Waterfall Bay.
Frankie and Benji went along too.
Azzan started out but decided he was slowing them down so he returned.
They went visiting Phoebe and Seb.
The track was wet but not too slippery.
About 4pm he took Molly & Jesika up the hill so they could walk along to visit Tim’s grave.
They walked down the hill and got back before dark.

I finished the cot quilt I was making for Eden.
It was a block I bought from Spotlight a few months ago and I quilted it through a layer of dacron batting and soft lemon colored polar fleece with the fluffy side outwards as backing.
I was rapt to find the dark pink fabric in my stash that matched the block perfectly.
Started making another one, pinned it while talking with Joanna.
She popped in for a visit.
I was really tired and was planning to head off to bed but as we hadn’t had time for a good uninterrupted visit I sat and chatted for a while.
At midday Joanna went off to make lunch for her crew and after getting washing sorted etc I took the opportunity around 1:30pm to head to bed for a sleep.

We settled in for a late night session once all the kids had gone off to bed.
Molly had come equipped with Tim Tams so I made myself a mug of Caramel Latte and we three sat and chatted.
I had to laugh at the magazine underneath the chocolate biscuits 🙂
P1080804Jesika disappeared off to bed after a while but Molly and I stayed up for a midnight stint.
Got a second wind 😉
We hadn’t had much chance to talk so it was great to have peace and quiet.
It was around 1am before I turned off my light.

Saturday 21st September

Woke at 4am 😦
The storm was much quieter.
I read by torchlight for a wee while and then went back to sleep for a bit longer.
Was still up before anyone else.
Put wood on fires, had a shower and sat and read my book in the living room.
Slowly the troops began surfacing and rummaging around wondering what to find for breakfast.
Mahalia made some porridge for me.
It was funny sitting back listening to them trying to work out what was easy food to make with just the wood stove.
I did quite a lot of knitting throughout the morning.
It was perfect knitting and reading weather.
Nothing like a storm and power & phone outages to create a real holiday atmosphere 🙂
Nick, Bri & Abby were packing up as they were leaving later.
The rain came in again.
Anson & Marah came around with Eden.
She was sound asleep so Anson popped her into my bed.
Azzan was at a bit of a loose end.
None of the girls wanted to play any sort of game.
So it was just him and Benji.
Mahalia & Melanie were outside sorting the horse and then doing girlie things.
Azzan ended up snuggled on the couch with Nicky and Benji entertained Molly.
Anson was cutting up a sheep so Marah took the opportunity of a sleeping babe to have some bonding time with him 😉
Eden finally woke.
Love this photo of the waking up process  🙂
Eden and Aunty Shanni looking cute in dorky hats.P1080798

Molly & kids being silly – this is what wet weather does to you!P1080777


The clock was rolling around towards 2pm so Bri, Nick & Abby said their goodbyes, loads of hugs and loves and then they were on the road southwards.P1080799
I was getting a bit concerned about the fridge and freezers as the power was still not on.
I called Marlborough Lines for an update and she said that we should be back on already.
So she lodged another fault.
I went off to bed to read my book.
Slept a while too.
Was woken by a call from faults man asking if our power was on and indeed it was – happy dance 🙂
Several more texts had come in from Vodafone putting our expected time of phone fixing out from this arvo to Tuesday evening.
I was not happy so called and told them that we are very isolated and the phone is essential here and that Tuesday was unacceptable.
So she put in an urgent call for me.
We will see what happens!!
At least the calls are now diverting through my cell phone.
There was now mountains of washing due to all the towels and rags being required to soak up the flooding during the deluge, plus the backlog of wet clothes.
So I began that job.
Seb came over to get some stuff and talk over the coming week.

Tardis is going up on the slip for survey on Monday so a few things to co-ordinate.
Seb has very poor phone cover at present so I hopped online to organize some accommodation for him.
Was delighted to find a really good winter deal at a really nice motel – it was actually better than the backpackers, and with his bad back he needs a good bed at the mo.
When he left I went out to organize dinner.
Mahalia & Melanie had been cooking pikelets/hotcakes and were just cleaning up the mess.
I forgot there was heaps of veges left over from last night so got Azzan to do some more spuds.
Then discovered the stupid washing machine was overflowing.
Water all over the floor.
So I moved all the 20L storage containers and swept the water out the door.
Thank goodness for concrete floors 🙂
Cat cleaned out the filter of me so hopefully the next load will behave.
It always seems to happen when we get heavy rain – silt blocks the filters and upsets the workings of the machine.

The storm seems to have taken a path from the West Coast over us and onto Wellington?Masterton.
Anson measured over 90mms rain in past 2 days.
That is quite a lot for us – great spring rain as it wasn’t too cold.

I was delighted to see that Mahalia & Azzan had gotten down the bin of Lego and were building with it.
It hasn’t been used in a while.
Molly & Jesika hung out together all arvo in the bedroom and caught up on the past 8 years.

Dinner was really late tonight.
I had chicken baking in the woodstove all day but the potatoes didn’t go on till late and took ages to cook.
Girls had a long spa before dinner.
Azzan was percolating well and entertaining Jesika, Molly & me at the dinner table.
He really is a total comic, he seriously doesn’t have to work at it, it just effortlessly flows from him.
I am sure his destiny is the stage or something similar!
Tonight Shoshannah is sleeping over with Nicky in the Cottage and Melanie has moved up here with Mahalia.
Jesika is helping get the washing through and folded.
Hopefully we will be all caught up tomorrow.
It’s after 9:30pm now and I am so tired that I am about to go fall into bed and leave the girls and Azzan to get themselves off to bed.
Azzan has raided the pantry and got chocolate and crackers for a midnight feast!!

Friday 20th September

I woke at 4:30am and couldn’t sleep so got up and did some blogging.
Once it was light I went out to have a spa and read my book.
Then I made a hot lemon honey drink and sat and read.
It was deliciously peacefully quiet.
No one else was awake.
Finally Shoshannah appeared and then one by one the rest of the world began surfacing.
Breakfast takes a while with so many coming and going.
Kitchen was cleaned up eventually.
I made some boysenberry, apple and chocolate chip muffins.
Did some sewing, am trying to get a quilt finished and binding the edges is taking the longest time :-/
Marah arrived just before 11am.
Anson walked in the door a few minutes later carrying Eden with her dummy in his mouth.
Looked so funny 🙂
She’d lost it and he had spent ages walking back to find it and then returned to see it were he had been standing in the first place.
We were all gathered for a meeting.
Just after 11am Inspector Simon Feltham,  Area Commander of the local Police arrived to speak with us.
He had come in response to my enquiries and complaints about their mishandling of Tim’s accident.
It was a bit like Piccadilly Circus with kids coming and going, waiting for Seb & Phoebe to arrive, Molly & Azzan heading off to watch Tim’s funeral dvd and light Bri’s barbecue etc etc.
Felt sorry for the poor guy.
He must’ve wondered what on earth he had gotten himself into!
We spent an hour or so talking with him, listening to how things unfolded and happened on the day, he owned the fact that there was major stuff ups and that it had been very badly managed.
He apologised to us for this and answered questions we put to him.
I tried really hard to keep myself steeled but I did get a bit emotional several times, as did some of the kids.
They all had the option to be there or not, but the ones who came wanted to hear, needed to hear.
It was a difficult meeting for us all, but it was good to help us all put things into perspective and now, hopefully move on.
As Bri so succinctly summarized it, ‘It was a major cock-up of immense proportions!’

Once Simon left there was a mass exodus.
Cat, Leeann & Shoshannah went off hunting.
Anson took his boat loaded up with dogs, Nick, Bri & Molly.
They went off hunting and fishing.

We had steak marinating for dinner but not a lot else done.
It was a quiet afternoon.
Jesika was reading on the sofa.
I did some more sewing and knitting.
Mahalia was had gotten the Cottage prepared and was waiting for her friends to arrive.
Got word at 2pm to say they were only just leaving Nelson so wouldn’t be arriving till 5pm.
Her response ‘Are you Serious!’
She had been waiting for hours!
I was in  he study talking to Sally.
She was telling me that they were being hit by a thunder and lightening storm out in Nelson area.
I watched the grey clouds close in here whilst talking with her and then the rain began and soon after the thunder rolled across the hills towards us.
The storm got bad really fast.
We were quite worried about the hunters.
Managed to make contact with Shoshannah & Leeann but the others weren’t replying.
We were praying they would take cover and be sensible!
Actually when did my crew ever do anything sensible 😉
The rain was so heavy that it was coming in the study roof and then began flooding the bathroom.
The gutters were just not coping.
I could see there was flooding outside the backdoor so I found some gumboots and an old coat and put Tim’s Aussie sun hat on for some added protection and went to find a spade.
I cleared the blockage and allowed the water to flow into the creek which by now was beginning to build and water was soon roaring down in torrents.
Mahalia was keeping the Cottage fire going.
The Fleitus family had arrived at Graham’s.
I had called him to ask if he would hold them there until the rain eased.
Went down to check the Cottage culvert and found it blocked with branches and was beginning to flood.
I cleared that and also cleared ditches & drains around the place to allow freer flow of the flood water.
My wet weather gear wasn’t working terribly well and I had wet feet and hair and couldn’t seer much through my glasses.
It was really funny.
Quiet exhilarating being out in the rain but terrifying whenever the lightening hit as it was right overhead.
I popped into see Jesika and she thought it was an even worth recording 🙂IMG_3833 IMG_3834
Graham brought the Fleitus family down in his truck and Abby & Mahalia helped them unload their gear in to the Cottage.
It was getting dark so he found a battery for us and hooked up the 12v light in the kitchen.
Abby & Jesika got stuck in to providing food for us all on the wood stoves.
Discovered on trying to crank up the bbq and gas rings that all our gas tanks were empty.
Note to self – get them all filled asap!
Seb called up on his cell to say he had been near the phone and witnessed the lightening blast it to bits!
Pretty darn scary!
We were just making phone calls to see if we could locate Anson’s crew when thankfully the little boat appeared out of the mist.
They were all absolutely soaked to the skin but were buzzing.
There is something about storms that puts everyone on a high.
We lost the phone and then we lost the power.
I called in the faults on my cell phone and was surprised to hear that the Marlborough Lines guys were out in the storm trying to fix faults already.
They are amazing!!

Nick & Bri retreated to the spa for a romantic dip for two, despite the fact that it was off they were able to make the most of the warmth still in it.
The kitchen was so busy with people everywhere.
Mel, Nicky & Benji were here too and then later Joanna & Franki came up to try and cook their dinner on our stove as it wasn’t doing so well on the Cottage fire.
P1080771 P1080774
It was another crazy noisy meal time.
Everyone was talking at once, lots of conversations, joshing around, and craziness.
Then Bri got the guitar cranked up and they started singing their nonsensical songs in the lounge.
It was all good though, happy, crazy kids 🙂

We were warm, dry & well fed.
Around 9pm everyone began drifting off to bed.
Thankfully I have a good supply of torches at the moment, although I will probably have to replenish batteries after this event.