Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – The Day After

Saturday 26th November.

The day after a wonderful day.
We were all a bit tired but as the older kids were heading off in various directions we had arranged to meet for breakfast first.

We arrived at Ambrosia in Richmond and found Sunni & Mat already there.

I was trying to organise enough table space for about 18 of us.
We tend to forget that it would be far easier to think ahead and call to book tables for all of us when we move en masse.
Probably because we actually don’t think of us all as being a large number.
It is the rest of the world that thinks that

We nabbed several tables at the back but needed a few more.
However there was a single solitary man sitting right in the middle of the neighbouring tables.
He had his newspaper spread out and seemed totally oblivious to us.
I didn’t want to be too rude and outrightly ask him if he would mind moving
I was asking the younger children to occupy space to hold tables for 18 of us (making sure I said that part reasonably loudly and clearly that hadn’t arrived yet when his breakfast arrived.
He then looked up and asked if we would like his table.
Of course I thanked him kindly and said that if it wasn’t too much trouble we would appreciate it.
So he obliged and moved across the room a wee bit.
That gave us all heaps of room.

Cat, Jesika, Angela, Sasha & David arrived next followed by Bri, Nick & Abby.
We all ordered our food.
It came in waves according to who arrived first.
So we sat and socialised and caught up on the previous day etc.

While we waited Jesika & Sunni checked out some of the wedding photos on my laptop.
Mat seemed more interested in what was happening on Cat’s phone!

Sasha is great at entertainment value and finding accessories.
She met Jesika & Angela at the airport with leis and hongis.
She found all the fascinators for the wedding.
And now she had herself, Cat & Abby arriving wearing sporty very red noses.
It’s wonderful what she finds at the recycling centres!!
Crazy woman

Jesika was trying to talk to Cat.
She finally said,
‘Cat! I am finding it impossible to have a sensible conversation with you while you are wearing that stupid nose!!!’

The staff did a great job and soon we were filling our tummies.

Azzan had brought along some more bubbles.
He and Angela filled in time blowing them around the café while they waited for their food.

Azzan ordered a full Ambrosia Breakfast.
It was huge.
He did complete justice to it too!
It was the most popular choice followed by the Eggs Benedict which I had, and can proclaim to be most delectable.

Anson & Gavin finally arrived.
Tim’s cousin Phil drove them out.
They had been out on the town for most of the night and he was sure they shouldn’t be driving yet.
Anson regaled us with their antics of the night.
They had gone clubbing with a few others but as the night had progressed the rest had all disappeared off home.
It ended up with just him and Gavin.
They eventually tried to find their way back to where his truck was parked at Melrose but got completely lost.
They walked way up The Brook and then back into town before finally flagging a taxi to take them to the truck.
As it was only a few blocks behind the city centre it won’t’ have been too costly a taxi ride
I dare say all the walking they did prior was probably good for their overloaded systems!
By this time it was about 4:30am so they just lay the seats back and slept in the truck for the next few hours!

This is Anson trying to get out of my photo.

And again – he thought wearing sunnies would make him invisible to the lens!

Phil wasn’t going to eat but the sight and aroma of all the food was too much for him and he soon was ordering a plate full.

After we had occupied the cafe for a couple of hours the older kids decided to go do their voting.
So they all followed Anson on a goose chase through the mall.
He was sure there was a voting area in there.
But that had been a few days ago for the special votes and they ended up walking up the road to the Tasman Council offices.

Bri, Nick & Abby, Cat, Jesika, Angela, Sasha & David headed off to Takaka.
They were spending the next couple of days over there.
They were talking of cycling, diving etc.

Tim and kids said their goodbyes to Sunni & Mat.
I took them and Shanni with me.
Tim took Mahalia & Azzan and went back to pack and wait for the boys at Alan & Eare’s.
Phil took Anson & Gavin out to Motueka to pick up our trailer.
They finally met up with Tim around 2:30pm and he towed it on home.
The lads then went over to Pelorus for the night to shear some sheep for Ruth (my sister).
Anson had told Gavin the night before that they had some shearing to do and he would be rousieing.
So he had held back on his imbibing so he would be in shape to work.
Anson didn’t tell him till the morning that there were only 15 sheep to shear

It was extremely windy as we drove around the port.
The tide was in and the sea was grey green and the wind was whipping it all up.
It looked very stormy and dramatic.
Sunni checked the flights to make sure they were leaving in time.
She saw that a flight to Auckland had been canceled so she phone up Seb to see if they had been affected by it.
Just got his answer phone.
I dropped Shanni at the library for an hour or so.
We quickly zipped out to Seb’s house and unloaded all the wedding presents and showed Sunni & Mat around as they had not seen his new house yet.
Then it was straight back to the airport to drop them off.
It was very windy & the Terrano was being buffeted quite badly as I drove.
Seb called up as we drove and said that their flight was canceled and they were rerouted on an earlier flight via Wellington.
We said our goodbyes and I headed into the city.
After having all the family together for the past two days it was a strange feeling to be alone again.
Shanni walked up to meet me.
She was really tired and not coping with the heat.
I left her to sit quietly in Starbucks with her book and a cold drink while I returned the guys suits and changed some shoes & pants.
Then I sat with Shanni for a while in the cool.
It was rather pleasant to just sit.

Shanni wanted to go hang out with Katherine so I dropped her up there.
Then I went to visit Nicky & Dave at their motel.
Loaded up all the leftover drinks and returned the excess wines to Liquor King.
Then I went and found a voting booth and did my thing for NZ.
Did a bit of visiting before picking up Shanni.
We then went and hung out with the Wenborn family and enjoyed a lovely bbq and evening at Maitai Villa where Sara, Ruth & Lydia and their families were staying.
It was a fantastic spot for a large group.
Just the sort of place I would love to live in if when we move to Nelson.
Maybe, it might be on the market when that day happens

Shanni and I were both really tired so we drove back to Alan & Eare’s and crashed out for the night.

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – The Food

Canapés were the food for the night.

Azzan had my camera and I was so pleased to find that he had taken these photos.
The food was delicious and very colourfully presented.

Phoebe had made a large number of delectable cheesecakes for dessert.

Seb & Phoebe left soon after 9pm.
It had been a very long day for them and they were exhausted.
We began the packing up process soon after.

I loaded all the wedding presents into my Terrano and Mat & Sunni drove it back to where they were staying the night.
I went with Tim and the 3 youngest back to Alan & Eare’s.
Nathan spent the night with James before heading to Christchurch the next morning for the weekend.

It had been a wonderful day 

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – The Evening

The evening was very relaxed, informal.
We spread ourselves through the rooms, verandah and outdoors.

Sasha had found ‘fascinators‘ for the girls.
Although she called them ‘fanciers’
Don’t they look gorgeous?
Angela, Abby, Brim Cat, Jesika & Sasha

Admiring Phoebe’s dress

Phillipa & Jesika

Bri & Nick.
Nick & David had gone diving up at the Riwaka Resurgence after the beach ceremony and had met up with the wedding party having a photo session there.
Can’t wait to see those pix cuz it is really lovely there.

Anson in his happy tie in a happy state

Mahalia & Angela.

Jesika & Sara.
(Phoebe’s sister)
Friends for over 20 years.

Sunni enjoying snuggles with her youngest siblings.

Eare & Alan with Graham

Martin (Tim’s brother) & Les enjoying a good natter.

Tim, Talbot & Lloyd

Eppie enjoying a cuddle with Grandad David.

The mussel men!
Sam, John, Patrick, Carl & Sebastian

A wonderful chair in the hallway just waiting for a photo session.
Sunni & Mat.

Azzan blowing bubbles.

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – Family Photos

The photographer got busy taking all the family photos.
I stood alongside her and shot a few of my own.
It is a bit of a family tradition to have the 10 siblings line up from eldest to youngest.

Azzan, Mahalia, Shoshannah, Nathan, Sebastian, Brianna, Anson, Catriona, Sunniva, Jesika

All 12 of us.

And now with our new daughter-in-law

The Wenborn family.
Dave & Nicky have 11 children and 8 grandchildren (so far), so a much bigger group than us at present!!

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – The Venue

Melrose House
The most wonderful setting for a wedding.
The house is grandiose and wonderfully preserved,
The grounds a beautifully kept and the lawns so inviting.

We had the place entirely to ourselves.

A perfect day to kick back, relax and enjoy in which ever spot took your fancy.

The guest books with beautiful peonies grown by Phoebe’s mother, Nicola.
The peonies decorated the entire day.

The bar.
The furniture and china on display make a beautiful backdrop.

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – the afternoon

We were rather hungry and thirsty so decided to head back towards Richmond and find somewhere to relax and quench our appetites.
We found Alchemy Cafe at McMillans Ceramics was open.
They must have wondered what on earth was happening when we all descended en masse, unannounced for lunch!
But they coped admirably and we enjoyed ourselves and the food.

Paul & Lizzie – aka Elizabeth Wenborn Design

Abby, Azzan & Bri – looking rather sun kissed.

We spread ourselves out as we had the cafe pretty much to ourselves.

Sasha and our two English guests – Angela and Gavin.
My younger kids thought that cuz they were both from the UK they should get along well!!!

Who brought them along??

The older kids wanted to head back to The Abbey as it was now open.
It is a very imaginative funky place.
Great place to hang out on a hot day.

It was soon close to 5pm so we all piled into our respective vehicles and headed off to the venue for the evening function.

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – After the Ceremony

After the ceremony was over we all enjoyed pink lemonade and fresh fruit kebabs.
Very refreshing on such a hot day.

The forecast was for gale force winds to the west of Motueka.
We never experienced any wind at all.
It was breathtakingly beautiful there.
Calm, hot, clear blue skies.

Cat, Sunni & Mat

Tim with his 3 eldest daughters – Jesika, Sunni & Cat.

Phoebe with her youngest bro John

We were planning to have all the family photos taken at the beach but the heat got the better of us all.
So it was decided that we would regroup later in the day and have them done in the cool of Melrose House grounds.

I borrowed these two photos from Shanni.
She beat me up the hill and actually witnessed the wedding party leaving.

Seb had very definite ideas as to what he wanted for the bridal car.
It looked like he wasn’t going to find anything suitable.
Then just 5 days before the wedding we located a man who was very happy to make a young man’s dreams come true.

For those of you out there who have to know more than just that the car was red…..

It was a Ford XW GTHO 1969,
8 cylinder, 351cc, 4 door, Sedan Ford 351 Cleveland, F238 Crane cam, electronic ignition, forged pistons, solid lifters, cast roller rockers, hardened push rods, all balanced, Cleveland flex plate, fuel pressure valve and gauge, electric fuel pump, exhaust “Genie” headers, custom exhaust quality mufflers, C 4 FMX 3 stage auto with 3.5 torque converter, Ford 9 inch diff with 3.1 ratio, disc front, drums rear,

Heading off for their photo sessions.

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – The Ceremony

At around 11:30am the bridal party began walking down the track.

Ruth led the way with the two wee page boys.
Then the two bridesmaids.
Christine (Phoebe’s BFF) and Damaris (Phoebe’s sister) looked lovely in their fresh light green dresses.
(Beautifully made by Elizabeth)

Dave & Phoebe looked very relaxed as they walked down towards us.
In fact, Dave was more dancing than walking – as he does

As they got to the soft sand it was off with the shoes!

And down the aisle to meet her groom.

The ceremony was simple and moving.

They spoke their vows to each other quietly and privately without the microphone.
Even though we couldn’t hear what they said we were moved to tears as you could feel the emotion

The wee ring bearers took a little bit of persuasion.
They were Ruth’s two youngest lads Seth & Noah – Phoebe’s cute wee nephews.

I now pronounce you…..

husband & wife

Signing the register

Introducing – Mr & Mrs Sebastian Shand

The absolutely gorgeous dress created by Phoebe’s sister Elizabeth Wenborn Design.
I totally LOVE her designs and could almost wish to get married all over again just to wear one of her dresses 

Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – Pre Ceremony

I was awake really early.
Too hot to sleep.
So I got up and did some quiet stuff so as not to wake them.
The others were all awake around 7am so I made sure they were organised and then I left them to get themselves ready.
I headed into town around 7:20.
Dropped off Sunni’s hairdryer to Anson so he could deliver it to her.
Then fueled up the Terrano before going to wait for Sonia to open Renaissance.
She was a bit later than planned so I watched the city waking up.
She did my hair for me and then I zipped over to Nelson Beauty and Julie did my make up.
It was a great help cuz with my eyesight these days I can’t do it easily myself anymore.
I was all dressed and ready to go by 9:30am.

I had splashed out and bought my dress at Annah Stretton in Wellington a couple of months back.
I adore her clothes!
I still have the outfit I wore at my 50th b’day over 4 years ago – never dates.

I had time to get a frappaccino for myself and Sunni.
I nursed it all the way to Richmond where I picked up her and Mat.
The day was lovely and getting hotter by the minute.
We drove out to Kaiteriteri and after a slight detour towards Marahau we finally found Breaker Bay.
Parked the Terrano at the top carpark and walked down.
Anson & Gavin were there already with the gazebo and a few folk were trying to put it all together.
No-one really knew how to do it but it got done eventually.
I hadn’t been to Breaker Bay before so it was a delightful surprise to see where Seb & Phoebe had chosen to get married.

The guests all began arriving around 11am.
Here are Les & Christine, Sylvia & Martin (Tim’s brother) and Phil & Sandra.

Cat and me

Getting things set up for the ceremony.

Isn’t this absolutely the most stunning setting?

Bethany and a few others created this ‘aisle’ for Phoebe to walk down.
We all gathered around.
Some under umbrellas to ward off the sun, others took shade under the trees and the rest endured enjoyed the heat.
It was all very relaxed and friendly.

The marriage celebrant, Kerry, with Seb waiting for his bride to arrive.

Thomas was best man and Nathan was Seb’s groomsman .

Last day of preparations!

I had warned Azzan the night before that I would be up early and doing stuff upstairs and he was not to get upset if he woke and found me not there.
He was all cool with that.
With help from Nuana I backed the Terrano down the hill and to the front door.
We unloaded everything.
I stacked all the boxes of lemonade on the seats in the front porch area under the dart board.
Then I got all the makings for the 50 litres of fruit punch and proceeded to begin making it up.
I had brought two 20 litre buckets to transport it in – you add the lemonade and ginger ale before serving so they were the perfect size.
I had to call up the hire company to adjust the order.
Azzan by this time was up and dressed and outside.
Just as my phone call went through I heard a desperate call,
‘Mum! Help! Come quick! Come quick!
With the phone to my ear, talking to the guy at the other end, I ran out to see what the urgency was.
Azzan had been playing darts.
His dart had missed the mark but quite a long way and had gone clean through one of the boxes and a bottle and there was lemonade squirting everywhere.
It actually looked really funny.
Nothing I could do right then so I finished my conversation.
Then we quickly cut open the box and found the damaged culprit and saved what we could of it.
Tipped it into a half bottle of orange juice and the children enjoyed their own ‘fruit punch’ throughout the day.
Azzan was so apologetic and upset with himself.
But as I pointed out to him – he was a great shot – he just needs more practise to actually hit the right bullseye

Tim and the girls arrived soon after so Tim spent the next wee while squeezing lemon juice for the punch.
Then I sorted out which drinks were going where and loaded them all back into the Terrano and headed into town.
Tim took the kids and did the days ‘school’ run for me.

My first stop was at Melrose House to drop off the punch and other drinks for the evening wedding celebrations.
I had to call up Tim to come help unload as they all needed to be carried up stairs and across the back of the house.
My knee is being very painful at the moment and going up and down steps is the worst thing.
We got that mission accomplished.
Tim took the kids to music and then I went to Nelson Beauty Therapy where I was spending the next couple of hours.

There were a few stresses throughout the day but they all got sorted.
Bedelia and her wonderful ladies spoilt me completely and I felt great when I emerged around 2pm.
Tim dropped Mahalia off to me and I took her to the dentist.
She was a bit worried cuz she had to have a baby tooth extracted.
But it went very smoothly and came out much easier than even James anticipated.
Te worst thing was the nub mouth but that wore off quickly.
We were both starving so went and got ourselves a hot potato.
I dropped her off at Sophie’s for a couple of hours so that made her feel loads better.
I met up with Tim to get some frozen stuff and then went out to Richmond to do some deliveries.
First stop was dropping off all the drinks and supplies for the beach.
Caz is organising all of that so we went through the list carefully to make sure we had everything.
Then I zipped up to Sasha’s.
Dropped off some frozen stuff and said g’day to Cat.
She had come out with Anson & Gavin.
They were taking a load of timber to Motueka.
Next stop Michelle & Dave’s.
Then back to Tyler’s.
Tim and kids were still chatting at Winnington’s so gave them a hurry up.

Once they arrived back we unloaded and left the girls.
Tinga was very pleased to see Shanni – he had been home alone all day and wasn’t too happy about that!

Tim & Azzan had a 6pm appointment with Sandy for heaircuts.
While Sandy washed Tim’s hair Azzan was exploring.
He found a swatch of hair colour samples.
Very bright samples!
He asked me if he could have some colours put in his hair like I had.
I said that he had to ask Sandy.
So he did.
She asked me if it was okay
I told her was between her and Azzan
So he chose a bright blue.
He was so excited.
She applied a few foils and let him sit while she cut Tim’s hair.

Azzan suggested that Daddy should have some too.
He didn’t think that was really necessary

The anticipation.

Washing it out.

Looking good.

But it didn’t take and all the blue washed right out of his hair.

So on with the cut.

‘Can you try again?
Please Sandy.
I will choose a different colour.’

This time it was Blackberry Nip and it did stay in.

He was so incredibly excited.

Purple strips in his cool haircut.
One very happy young man.

We said farewell to our friend Sandy and headed back to the house.
Stopped off at the  supermarket to get some dinner food.
Made nachos and salad and tucked in.
We were all hungry.

Then it was very quickly time for me to buzz down to the airport to pick up Sunni & at.
The day had turned really cold and extremely windy.
I got there on time only to find the flight was delayed about 20mins.
So I sat in the car and kept warm and relaxed quietly.
Nice after a busy and slightly stressful day.

The plane arrived at 9:05pm.
So we quickly loaded into the Terrano and headed out to Richmond.
I left them in the tender care of Dave & Michelle where they are staying.
By the time I got back it was 10:30pm and the house was all dark and everyone was in bed.
I quickly ironed Azzan’s clothes and my dress and then hopped into bed.