Monday 22nd July

After kicking Mahalia’s long sprawl legs over to her side of the bed I snuggled in and went off to sleep.
Only to wake up at 6am to find her side of the bed empty.
I peered over the side but she wasn’t on the floor.
Found her in with Azzan – apparently I was snoring :-/

The dawn sky was amazing.
I went for a wander out onto the street to take these photos.IMG_3196

IMG_3193 IMG_3195


Because of our early wakening we were all packed and cleaned up well before 8am so had time to hang out with John & Sally for a wee while before he headed off to start ticking off my list.
First thing was to go pick up the plates from the Terrano.
Poor ole girl has finally reached the end of her days.
It is just not economical to fix her anymore so I sold her to the 4WD wreckers and then handed in the plates to get a refund on the rego and ruc’s.

Because Mahalia had been away for 3 weeks there was a breakdown in communication re her camp needs.
She didn’t have any towels or pillow.
We zipped into Briscoes to get some only to find it was shut due to earthquake and was waiting upon engineers check.
So around the corner to The Warehouse.
It was open so we ran to the back of the store and found everything she needed in a few moments and all were on 50% sale – brilliant!

Then back up the road to drop Mahalia off at the orthodontist.
We left her so we could go do some more errands.

Dropped all my recycling off at Hospice shop.
Sorted out all the pre wedding appointments at Nelson Beauty.
Then ordered frappaccino’s for Mahalia and me while Azzan took himself down the street to get manly food from the bakery – pie and sausage roll 😉
When Mahalia gets her braces tightened her mouth is always far too sore to chew foods.
So she enjoyed the cream topped mocha java chip frappaccino – easy to consume calories 🙂

We were just about to leave Starbucks when she phoned to say she was done.
Great timing.
Zipped in to pick her up and make next appointment and then we were on our way to Teapot Valley camp.
We were only half an hour late for sign in so all was good.
Kids were happily absorbed by their cabin leaders and I headed off back to Nelson.

I had time to pop in to Triple One Care and organize first aid kits for the houses and boats.
An expensive exercise doing them all at once but at least they are done and ready for any emergencies now.
Talked about setting up a course for us all soon.
Then headed into city to meet Paula at Nicola’s Cantina.
We enjoyed a lovely chat over some fairly mundane Mexican food.
It was edible but not something I would repeat in a hurry.
The best part was spending alone time with Paula.
Always appreciate that – thanks Paula xxxx

Then I had to zip down the street for counseling.
That was a pretty intense hour, but most beneficial.
From there I just had a few more things to do so raced off to do them.
Picked up a new vacuum cleaner for Marah & Anson as theirs is so old, hardly sucks and is held together with silver tape.
Ordered a new epirb as they had just sold the last one that morning.
Then up to Winnington’s to pick up some curriculum I want to try on the kids soon.
Fuel up the Regulus, get some more groceries and then finally a frappaccino to get me home.
I was leaving town at about 4:30pm.
I thought Nathan was going to be at home so I had been racing to get out of town early.
But when I phoned him he asked if he & Mira could stay with Seb for another night.

The thought of traveling home alone and then facing the empty house was too much and I cried all the way home.
I stopped off to give Marah her new vacuum cleaner.
She was over the moon, totally excited to get it 🙂
What an old domestic she has become 😉
Had a quick catch up with them both and then headed home.
It was dark, and cold.
Such a lonely welcome.
Only the cat meowing around my legs, but he only wanted food.
I unpacked the Regulus and put everything away.
I couldn’t be bothered lighting the fires so I made a quick dinner from the salads and salmon I had bought in town, and hopped into bed.
Didn’t want to think about being here alone so watched a movie to fill the space.
Message from Nam‘ – was only planning to watch half of it but it was so intriguing I watched it all and finally went off to sleep around 1am.


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