Not too sure where the weekend has gone. Sat morning we all slept a bit later so the morning went by quite quickly. There has been stuff to do to get ready for the onslaught of the tourists. Cleaning etc. All is done and tonight the first lot arrived. More tomorrow.

Yesterday morning Ben spent an hour or so doing some art with the young folk. Azzan had been sent some dyes in his Correspondence School pre-school kit so Ben supervised the use of them. I didn’t really fancy having the children painting themselves etc. with dyes! The had a great time and then I brought out some shaving gel so they had a really good play with that too.
PC230002 PC230005

Ritchie and Tash came around in the afternoon to suss out The Croft. The house they are renting has been sold and they have to be out next month so they are going to rent The Croft from us from mid Feb. Be good to have full time tenants in there. Plus Cory and our young’uns enjoy playing together.

Saturday night the bro’s were hanging out in the kitchen – sharing the ipod earplugs is a very communal and brotherly thing to do these days around here! Seb doesn’t like his photo taken so I just caught him here
PC230007 PC230008

Last night Cat tried injecting the deer antlers with formalin to preserve them. Because the antlers are still in velvet they will rot unless preserved or frozen. The formalin proved to be pretty violent as it squirted everywhere and got her in the eyes a couple of times. She resorted to wearing the full face helmet and even then the fumes were really lethal so she gave up and did it today outside in the fresh air.

Today we were hard at it to get the Cottage finished. Josiah helped to clean out the workshop freezer and clean the BBQ. Seb has been working on the BBQ’s all weekend, welding and fixing and cleaning to get them functioning again. They don’t like standing still over winter much. Yuji & Ben got all the concrete paths swept and Anna finished the Cottage.

By around 11:30pm we were finally ready to have our fellowship meeting. Jesika & JoDee had come around to clean The Croft so they joined us and then stayed for lunch. This afternoon everyone pretty much just chilled out. The children & I watched ‘Annie’. It was fun – they had not seen it before and were fascinated by the dancing and singing. Azzan took a while to actually understand it was a musical and that was why they burst into song all the time!

I came out to cook dinner around 6pm and found Tim asleep at the table. We had the whole place to ourselves – it was stunningly quiet – that is until the hoards got hungry and started pouring in the doors around 7pm!!

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