Antarctica pays an unwanted midsummer visit :-(

Sunday 22nd evening

After I had finished blogging we were hit by a very violent lightening strike.
I was talking on the phone and it about blew my eardrum
It blew the transformers at the top of the hill and put our power out.
We had dinner by candle light.
Most romantic with 11 of us and the kids playing in the melting wax
The children were not impressed about having to go to bed by 9pm as they vowed and declared they were not at all sleepy.
But as I wouldn’t let them take candles to bed & we were making the most of no power to have an early night they just had to!
But then I ended up hopping back onto the net to book Marah a bus ticket as her ride out had fallen through.
You have to book before midnight on NakedBus if you want to get on the next day.
Thanks goodness for laptops with battery backup!

Monday 23rd January

The temperature has dropped considerably since yesterday.
It is downright cold.
Everyone arrived in at breakfast shivering.
It just doesn’t seem fair on our body thermostats – we adjust to roasting days and then in an instant we are reduced back to almost winter like conditions.

Gavin & Johannes were up at 6am having breakfast with Tim.
Anson had arranged for an early morning work schedules.
But he never turned up.
So as it was a glassy calm morning Tim decided to take the guys out to do some mussel float work.
Magdalena spent the entire day out in the garden.
It was actually a good day for gardening.
The sun was shining but the atmosphere was cool.
It is looking really good now and all the new plants have been planted so not too many gaps now.

Anson & Marah finally turned up around 10am.
Anson hadn’t woken until 9:30.
He obviously needed the sleep.
They had to leave by 11am to get Marah out to the bus at Rai Valley so Anson buzzed around getting the trailer and drums ready.
He was going to shoot through to Blenheim and pick up some 2nd hand roofing iron from Pat and some fuel.
Can’t go all that way and not make the trip worth while

Katherine was painting nails again so Azzan & Marah joined the decorating team.

After they left the children asked if they could go for picnics.
Katherine & Shanni decided to head off in the kayaks.
Sophie & Mahalia were planning to go biking around the hills.
Azzan couldn’t make up his mind which team he was going to join.
Things got rather dramatic and emotionally intense as he tried to make up his mind.
I had a quiet talk with the 4 girls and suggested that it was quite hard for him with 4 females all telling him what to do!!!
He eventually calmed down and went off with Sophie & Mahalia.
They took books and blankets and were out to look for a nice sunny spot on the hillside.

Tim and the guys came back in very slowly towing a raft of floats.

They came in for lunch and spent a leisurely time eating and talking before heading down to the wharf to do ropes while Tim changed the filters on the ’88 South’.

The children arrived back mid arvo and watched a movie for a while.
Then around 7pm they decided they just had to go swimming
There was great excitement when an octopus found them.
Here is a video Shanni took of the noisy fun they had trying to handle it.

While they were down having fun I made an Apricot Butterscotch dessert.
I made it with spelt and brown rice flour and dairy free so everyone could eat it.
It was delicious.

It was such a lovely evening I was hanging out the washing until nearly dark.
Then Jesika phoned so we skyped for a while.
She had a chat with Gavin and said goodnight to the kids before I got to have a catch up.
It is nice to hear her sounding happier

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