Wednesday 25th April – ANZAC day


I was awake at 5am so I got up and joined Murray at the Rockingham ANZAC day dawn service.

There was a very large crowd gathered.



I hadn’t attended an ANZAC day celebration since I was a young teen in the Girl’s Brigade.

I was glad I had made the effort to go.

I learned some history and felt proud to be a part of the memories.

After it was over Murray and I went wandering around the memorial area.


We laid our poppies and then left.

As we walked back across the park the dawn was beginning to break.

There was a pond with a really cool sculpture in it reflecting in the water.

Murray took me for a drive.

We stopped at this statue of Wild Geese.

I was so impressed with it and the light of the breaking dawn just added to it’s beauty.

It is the Catalpa Memorial built in memory of the Fenian men who fought for their liberty many years ago.

They were known as Wild Geese.

It is a very poignant story.


We drove out to Point Peron.

It was beautiful out there.

Murray pointing out where he lives

We drove further on and walked out to the jetty & beach just across from Penguin Island.

The view looking over to Garden Island where the HMAS Stirling naval base is – the American submarine ‘US’S Michigan is there at present and a friend of mine is on board.

Am hoping we will be able to meet up tomorrow.


When we got home Tim was still asleep and Hazel only just surfacing.

We chilled for a while and then Murray made breakfast.




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