Wednesday 22nd August




I had to be up and moving earlyish as I had a 9am session with my counselor.

From there I headed out to meet Ella at Crusoe’s Cafe for brunch.

I had a hot chocolate as I waited.

But just before 11am I got a call from her to say her bike had broken down.

She had just collected it from the bike shop after having some repairs done and it had clapped out just a few kms up the road.

She was unimpressed!

So, while she dealt with that and they came to get her and fix it I went back into town and did a couple of things.

By then she her bike was getting sorted and she walked to meet me in town at the Felafel shop.

I was so incredibly full after devouring a delicious Israeli felafel for lunch.

Haven’t had a chance to catch up in ages so it was great to sit and chat while we were both childfree.

Soon enough though we had to head off in different directions.

I managed to get a few more things done and then met Liz for a 2pm afternoon cuppa at Colombus Coffee.

Hadn’t seen her since end of last year so it was lovely to sit in the sun and talk a while.

My laptop is doing some strange things so I went to see the guys where I bought it – looks like the logic board might be faulty darnit!

I am not too sure what happened to the rest of the day but I ended up getting back to Phoebe’s after 6pm.

I knew there was a slip on the road at home so Tim had said he would come up and meet me to get me over it.

But as the night went on and it got later and later I decided it was more strategic for all parties to just stay put in town.

We were going to have an early night but then Jesika skyped us and Phoebe and I ended up talking with her till 1am.

So an early morning rather than an early night!!









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