Today improved for me despite the weather deteriorating again.
Took just a couple of lots of Panadol and by this evening my tooth had quietened right down – bar when I had a hot drink after dinner.

However the weather decided to lessen in quality as the day went on. The washing went out on the line and then it came back in and went into the clothes dryer.
By the time my Mum got on the mailboat at 1pm it was quite scuddy, been trying to rain off and on, and the wind was very gusty. The hills were misted out most of the afternoon. Ruby – a Taiwanese girl arrived on the mailboat to help here for a week. Cat & Anson took a truck load of rubbish up to the pit to burn so took Ruby & Nuana and with a great deal of persuasion Azzan went too. He is such a funny wee fella. When I am here he sticks right by me, but if I am away he is happy as Larry about going off with Tim or the others. When I went to town yesterday he was great for Tim. Went off mustering with him and wouldn’t be left behind. But as soon as I get back he just clings to me.

He snuggled in to me this morning and said ‘I just want to get really close to you Mummy’ – gets a bit claustrophobic though when I am trying to move about the kitchen and I am always falling over my wee shadow. I’m not really complaining cuz I know he is growing up fast and it will not be that long till he is off hooning on motor bikes etc and won’t have time for cuddles with his Mum.

Nathan bought in an orphan lamb this afternoon. It has a very loud baaaaaa to it. It is not drinking from the bottle very easily so drinks a tiny bit, settles for 5 minutes and then is up and baaaaaing again for more. Nate has named the lamb Black-eyed Pea – appropriately!!
PA270006 PA270009

Tonight Andrew, Tracey and Josie came for dinner and after we had eaten the noise level was so high – from the lamb and four exuberant children. I had sent my three off to get ready for bed – they had however gotten diverted into dressing up and prancing and dancing about. I think we had 3 or 4 costume changes before I suggested extremely strongly that this time it was pyjamas and bed!!


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