Saturday 28th May

I was woken around 4:30am by a small bouncy critter.
Not too sure what happened as I distinctly call shutting him into his cage last night.
I got up to put him back in but he wasted to go outside.
Thankfully it was wet out there so he didn’t dally long.
I closed him back into his bed and went back to my bed.
The rain had set in last night and it was now very heavy and stormy.
When I eventually pulled back my curtains I was greeted by garden furniture strewn all over the place.

Azzan was up soon after 7am  and took Caspian walking.
He wanted to go walk in the rain so they both put on their raincoats and went off toward the Centre of NZ.
I took my breakfast to the study and started work.
Woke Mahalia at 8:40am and she came and chatted while eating her breakfast.
Then all of a sudden we realised that she was meant to be at rowing at 9am – not 9:30am!
It was already 9:04am so I whizzed her down there in the car.
It was certainly a very bleak morning.
I was glad back to my lukewarm cup of herbal tea and the accounts.
It was much warmer indoors.
Azzan arrived back – he and Caspian had been mud sliding so I helped him to bath Caspian in the washhouse and then he stripped into the washing machine before heading to the shower.
Soon afterwards though he disappeared out the door to meet his mates at the market.
It began pouring down again after he left.
Sasha came with Arielle to spend the day.
Then Mahalia arrived back.
They spent several hours in the kitchen.
Sasha baked in between keeping Arielle entertained and Mahalia made mushroom & courgette soup for lunch which was very tasty.
Arielle had a big sleep in Azzan’s bed.
Sasha joined her a bit later – nice to see them both getting some much needed sleep.
It was really lovely to have them chilling here for the day.
Loved having some interludes with them to break up the monotony of the paperwork!

There was a knock on my front door in the early afternoon.
I was so thrilled to see Inez standing there.
She & Graeme were in Nelson for the weekend so were doing a spot of visiting whilst here.
Such a lovely surprise and one I was only too happy to abandon the accounts for 😉

Finally managed to get most of the gst completed.
Just had one company kept to file and I found something weirdly wrong which I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to fix.
Then about then everything turned to chaos.
Mahalia wanted to go to a sleepover at her friends place.
Sasha & Arielle leaving.
Azzan hadn’t yet returned home.
Dinner wasn’t made let alone thought about.
Student here to feed.
So I shut the computer.
Called up the corresponding mother to make sure all was ok for the sleepover.
Said goodbye to Sasha.
Raced out the door with Mahalia whilst calling and texting Azzan to try and locate him.
Then back home to find he was finally home.
He wanted to go to the Giants game with his friends so I got him to quickly throw a stirfry of rice and eggs together with a salad for Raphael.
He only had a 30min turnaround to get him to the stadium in time.
Then we were out the door again.
Got caught in the pre basketball game traffic so dropped Azzan off at Countdown making a post match plan for pick up.
Then I took a big breath, stopped off at New World and picked up a couple of yummy things to take with me to the hospital.
Spent a lovely couple of hours with Jane and wee Archie.
Jane & I slurped our way though some containers of delicious luxury yogurts for dessert.
It was really nice to just escape the outside world for a while and enjoy the wee bundle of new life.
I really got my baby fill today 🙂

I finally pulled myself away around 9:15pm and drove down to pick up Azzan.
We dropped his friend Tom home and then came back here and I collapsed.


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